Have you recently received a Wyndham City fine related to your pet, littering or local laws? By law, you’re entitled to request only one review of your fine, which means you need to give us all of the relevant details when applying to help us to make a decision.

If your infringement is for parking, read about requesting parking fine review

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Find your circumstances below to see if we will consider your grounds, and if so, what documents you need to provide and how to apply. You can also see your infringement photos online. 

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Do we consider your circumstances

What happened on the day of your fine?

For us to withdraw a fine where something unexpected occurred to you, we require verifiable independent documentation. This is in line with expectations set by the Victorian Auditor-General and is requested of all applications – we don’t make exceptions for individual drivers.  This ensures everyone is treated fairly.

I was fined for littering

We don’t withdraw fines in the following common scenarios:

  • you couldn’t see a bin nearby
  • you didn’t know littering was an offence
  • you’re visiting Wyndham or you’re new to Australia
  • it’s your first offence

These don’t excuse you from properly disposing of your litter. To keep our city beautiful, the Wyndham City provides, empties and maintains public street litter bins and a refuse disposal facility. We don’t tolerate littering and proudly enforce the requirements of the Environment Protection Act 1970.

I didn’t register my pet

If your pet is registered with another Victorian council, you’ll need to supply proof of registration. If you’ve had your pet for only one week, you’ll need to supply proof of adoption or ownership.

We don’t withdraw fines where you were unaware of the need to register your pet, or you didn’t have time to register it.

My dog escaped from my home

We don’t withdraw fines where you were unaware your gate/door/fence was open or unsecure, or where your dog dug its way out or escaped through a hole in the fence. If your dog escaped during a home invasion or after it was stolen, you’ll need to supply a police report.

I can’t afford to pay this fine

Unfortunately this isn’t sufficient reason for us to withdraw your fine, but you can apply for an Extension of Time or Payment Plan .


If the above categories don’t apply to you, but you believe there’s a good reason for your fine to be reviewed, submit your application below and we’ll review your fine.

Make sure you provide all the details as well as any verification of your circumstances from third parties, because you only get one chance to request a review. You need to provide all of the relevant information up front to help us make a decision.

How To Apply

If you believe you have reasonable grounds to request a review, apply by completing the Internal Review of an Infringement Application.

Please note: the Mayor and Councillors are unable to have any involvement in Wyndham City's administrative functions, and are therefore unable to respond to letters about parking fines. All requests for internal review should be directed to the Infringement Review Officer.

Alternative options available to you

You can either pay your fine or elect to have the matter heard at court.

If you don’t act before the due date on your fine, it will continue through the infringements process and more costs will be added. Act now to avoid further costs and enforcement action.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the review be conducted?

When reviewing a fine, Wyndham City takes into account all the available information, including:

  • information collected by the officer who issued the fine, which may include photographs
  • circumstances and any supporting documents provided in your application or by third parties
  • requirements under the relevant legislation (for example, Road Safety Road Rules 2009, Environment Protection Act 1970 or Infringements Act 2006)

What happens after I apply?

Most internal reviews will be completed within a few weeks, however the process may take up to 90 days or longer if additional information is required. We’ll notify you of the outcome in writing to the postal address you provided

Insufficient Information

If insufficient information is provided, we may contact you for additional details before reviewing your fine. If this information isn’t received by the specified date, we’ll make a decision based on the information at hand.

Fine Upheld

If the fine is upheld, you’ll be advised of a new payment date. If you don’t pay the fine or take any other action (for example, request a payment extension or elect to have the matter heard at court) by the new due date, the fine will continue through the infringements process and you’ll incur additional costs. This process is set out in the Infringements Act 2006.

Can I apply for a payment plan?

If you’re unable to make payment in full before the due date we may be able to provide you some alternative payment options such as a payment plan. Read about the payment options and eligibility requirements.

How can I have the matter heard at court?

If you wish to have your matter dealt with in the Magistrates’ Court, you need to notify Wyndham City in writing to: Prosecutions Support Officer, Wyndham City PO Box 197, Werribee VIC 3030. Additional costs may be incurred if the matter is referred to court.

What happens if I don’t pay?

Fines don’t just go away. If you ignore a fine, it will become more serious and costly as it escalates to the Infringements Court and/or the Sheriff. Act now to avoid extra costs and enforcement action.

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