What is Opportunity Wyndham?

Opportunity Wyndham provides local businesses with free tools, resources and access to recruitment services and local talent to build stronger, more inclusive workplaces.

The initiative brings together Wyndham City Council, local employment partners and businesses to build local pathways to employment, with support from the Victoria State Government.

Opportunity Wyndham connects Wyndham businesses with local talent from employment and education service providers. This initiative will benefit Wyndham businesses by saving time and money on recruitment and keeps jobs local.

    Why Opportunity Wyndham?

    With 58% of the population under 35 and home to people from over 162 countries, Wyndham is young, culturally and diverse, providing a wealth of  opportunities.

    Population growth, new infrastructure and inbound investment make Wyndham an exciting place to be. However, more can be done to ensure that the benefits of economic recovery from COVID-19 and growth are felt positively across the community. Access to local jobs and work placements is an important element of being connected to community.

    Benefits to Employers

    • Access to reliable, motivated, job ready staff
    • Save time and money on recruitment
    • Access to tools and information on inclusive employment
    • Increase your local profile and standing in the community           
    • Get support for recruitment, induction and training processes
    • Improve local engagement by securing a diverse workforce 
    • Be a part of a community of organisations delivering social benefits.

    Benefits to Community

    • Local people are able to develop their aspirations and gain the skills and experience they need for work and enjoy the benefits of working locally, with less time spent travelling
    • All members of the community have better access to the networks and connections that open up opportunity.
    • Wyndham develops a reputation for being a wonderful place to live and work.

    How Does It Work?

    It’s free for Wyndham businesses to sign up to be part of the program, with commitments to:

    • Encourage inclusive recruitment and culturally safe workplaces
    • Share employment opportunities locally via local employment services
    • Collaboratively develop/participate in practical training and programs to support local jobseekers and identify any business specific opportunities such as work experience to assist with career pathways.
    • Provide work trial and/or employment opportunities for locals seeking jobs that complete these training/support programs.
    • Participate in Wyndham City’s free industry insights sessions for locals seeking jobs
    • Take part in reporting and evaluation activities.

    Role of Local Employment Partners

    • Connect local businesses with locals seeking jobs , with local providers able to provide additional assistance with pre-employment training or internship opportunities to ensure candidates are ready and confident for their new role.

    Role of Wyndham City Council

    • Works with businesses and local jobseekers to support and develop training programs to upskill the residents and expand their capabilities to be employee ready and develop the skills of businesses for practical inclusive workplaces.

    Get Involved

    Getting involved is easy, you can:

    No matter how you contact us, we will be in touch to understand your business needs and to provide more detailed information on how Opportunity Wyndham can help your business

    Get your free copy of the Wyndham Inclusive Industries Toolkit

    Wyndham City Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer and believe equal employment opportunity is deserved by all community members. This belief extends to the Wyndham Business and Economic landscape by providing access to free business resources that is proven to increase staff productivity, naturally increasing business profits globally.

    A strategy that is commonly seen in organisations lucrative enough to have resources to develop an Inclusion Strategy, Wyndham City have worked collaboratively with local stakeholders to provide the resources to all businesses for free, no strings attached.

    Register your details today to get your copy.

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