Spanning 542 square kilometres, Wyndham City is on the coastal plain and the western fringe of Melbourne.

Just a quick 30 minutes drive from central Melbourne, Wyndham is home to a diversity of sectors: strong industrial and technology districts, two major retail precincts, intensive market gardens and grazing lands.

Key tourism and open space attractions include the Werribee Park Mansion, Werribee Open Range Zoo, the National Equestrian Centre, Werribee South Foreshore, Wyndham Harbour, Shadowfax Winery and the Point Cook RAAF Museum.

Wyndham has a variety of parks, gardens and recreational facilities and is also home to the beautiful Werribee River, K Road Cliffs, Skeleton Creek, Port Phillip Bay, Victorian State Rose Garden, significant wetlands and prolific birdlife.

There is a wide variety of landscapes from coastline to small townships and open plains.  At various locations along the Werribee River, it is very hard to imagine that you are actually in a thriving metropolis of nearly 200,000 people!

Recent and past media projects that have used locations in Wyndham are:

  • The Dress Maker
  • Gallipoli
  • Ned Kelly
  • Tomorrow When the War Began
  • Jack Irish
  • Open Slather
  • Moby Dick
  • Noah’s Arc
  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
  • Hunters (a US cable network production) and
  • Numerous TV advertisements and small budget productions.

Wyndham City's policy on filming requires that a copy of the Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance and a completed Filming Permit Application Form are submitted prior to a Wyndham City Location Agreement being issued.  Refer to the Relevant Documentation section to download these documents.  A minimum of seven (7) days notice is also required for the approval and processing of a Location Agreement.

Wyndham City does not charge a fee for permits, however, where possible, we ask that appreciation of the City of Wyndham and its residents be acknowledged in the screen credits.

For further information please contact Wyndham City's Filming Liaison Officer on (03) 9742 0777 or email

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