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10 Liali Court, Point Cook
0427 922 612

BizBuddyHub offers a place to plugin, focus, collaborate and a whole lot more.

Find Local Spaces

  • Local coworking friendly spaces
  • Flexible options
  • Convenient locations, plenty of parking and accessibility
  • Bookable meeting rooms,
  • Studios & workshops

Activated Community

  • A network of small businesses actively looking to connect, refer, and assist you on your business
  • Build friendships and a community of trustworthy and supportive colleagues
  • A community that laughs, plays, and supports each other

Learning, Social and Support Programs

  • Social activities, coffee catch ups and shared lunches to help keep you connected and focused
  • Ongoing workshops and learning events to help you up-skill yourself and your team
  • Peer-to-peer support and mentorship, we are in this together

Flexible Memberships

  • Flexible month to month or discounted annual memberships
  • 24/7 collaborative community platform
  • Affordable memberships option to suit all options


  • Our peer-to peer Marketplace allows you to trade, shop, sell and share resources and products across the network and the broader local community.


  • Membership includes access across the BizBuddyHub network which is open, collaborative and inclusive
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