Brougham Avenue and Olive Way,
Wyndham Vale
VIC 3030
Untitled (2007)

Location: Skeleton Creek

Acquired by: One Per Cent for Art, capital works

About the Artwork:

"My intentions for this project were to produce a bold sculpture with a strong organic feel and components that held meaning to the region.  The most symbolic of the 4 components is the backbone, as 'Werribee' means backbone in the local aboriginal language.  The large forged bones come together and highlight the importance of working together to provide support, just as in the community.  The columns and the fern represent aspects of the local flora, red gums and the sickle fern respectively which can be found in the Wyndham/Werribee region.  These elements are set into a local basalt rock which is the main rock in the region." – Richard Walker

Materials:  forged steel and a large basalt rock.  About the Artist

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