A food business is any person or organisation that sells food or drink. In Wyndham, all food businesses must be registered with Wyndham City and follow regulations to ensure that the food they sell is safe to eat.

To register your food business, you will need to complete the following:

  • Step 1: Check if you need a Planning Permit and/or Building Permit: Prior to making an application you need to obtain all relevant Planning and Building Permits.  If a Planning or Building Permit is required, do not commence any work on the premises until you have received the required permits.
  • Step 2: You need to determine the class of your food premises. Refer to New Food Premises or New Food Premises Classification System to determine what class of food premises will apply based on your level of risk. You may wish to confirm your classification with an Environmental Health Officer to avoid delays in your application. The class types are Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4 and Sporting Clubs.
  • Step 3: Submit your optional Plan Assessment Form. Please allow a minimum of 10 working days to process the application. The inspection is conducted to determine if the proposed food premises comply with the requirements under the Food Act 1984 and Australian Food Standards Code.  
  • Step 4: Final inspection and application for registration - Complete the Application for Registration of a Food Premises Form and pay the relevant  fee. Please allow a minimum of 10 working days to process the application and to schedule an inspection.

Please contact Wyndham City by calling 9742 0738 or email mail@wyndham.vic.gov.au. for details on fees and any further information.

Regulations depending on class of business

Please note: Food Safety Program records must be maintained for class 1 & 2 food businesses once operation commences. If you are using the Department of Health Food Safety Program Template, you can obtain a copy of the records.

Record keeping depending on class of business

  • Class 2 FSP template version 1.2 records
  • Class 3: Require minimum records to be completed
  • Class 4: No records are required to be maintained.
  • New Premise Construction Information – Guidance material on structural requirements for a new food premises.

Home food businesses and regulations

To operate a home business, you are required to comply with the same standards as a commercial business. All class 2 businesses operating from a home kitchen must have a separate hand wash basin installed. This is additional to the double bowl sink.

Home food business registration

Registration will be granted based on the following conditions:

  • Proposed food premises complies with the requirements of the Food Act and Food Standards Code
  • All necessary documents and information has been received by the Environmental Health Unit
  • Building and Planning Departments have been contacted to verify permit requirements
  • The Application of Registration form is completed and submitted to Wyndham City 
  • Relevant Registration fee is paid in full

Prior to making an application you need to obtain all relevant Planning and Building Permits.  For more information regarding home business requirements, contact the Environmental Health Unit on 9742 0738.

Labelling requirements for food businesses

Food labels can provide a wide range of information to help consumers make food choices.

Food labels also help to protect the public health and safety by displaying information such as dates, ingredients, certain allergens, instructions for storage, preparation as well as advisory and warning statements.

Please download the Food Labelling Guidelines to see whether your food product requires labelling.

Buying an existing food business

All businesses that sell food and drink for human consumption must be registered with or notify the Council in which their business operates or is primarily located. If you are buying an existing food business in Wyndham Council you will be required to submit a new food act registration form with Wyndham. You can register your business by submitting a new food act registration form online.

You need to complete the registration form and pay a fee prior to commencement of operation.

Apply to register a food business 

Selling a food business

If you are selling or closing a food business, you will no longer be able to transfer your existing registration to a new owner. You will be required(requested?)  to submit an application to cancel/ close your premises.

Once the form has been received Council will review your registration and issue a refund if applicable.  The new owner will be responsible to register the business with Wyndham council if they are trading.

Apply to close a food business

Food Stalls and Mobile Vehicles

Streatrader is a state-wide online system for the registration or notification of temporary and mobile food premises, vending machines and water transport vehicles under the Food Act 1984.

You can use Streatrader to register your business or community group’s premises including: 

  • Temporary food premises - temporary sites or stalls where food is sold. This includes stalls and tents at school fetes, markets, festivals and other short term events including sausage sizzles.
  • Mobile food premises - vehicles such as vans, trailers or carts from which food is sold.
  • Vending Machines – Food Vending Machines information.
  • Water Transport Vehicles - A Water Transport Vehicle is operated by a private business and involves the delivery of water for sale to the public which is intended for: Human consumption or purposes connected with human consumption (such as preparation of food, making ice for consumption, or preserving unpackaged food). Please refer to Food safety regulations - water carters for more information.

To legally operate a temporary or mobile food premises in Victoria, you must:

  • Step 1: Check if you need a Planning Permit and/or Building Permit - If you plan to store any equipment or other items related to your food business at a home residence you must enquire about your proposal to our Planning and Building departments. Check to determine whether your intended proposal requires further permits. If a Planning or Building Permit is required, do not commence any work on the food premises until you have received the required permits.
  • Step 2: Check your home related activities - If you propose to handle any food at home such as pre-cutting any food, marinating meat or storing high risk foods you must first register your home kitchen and be approved by our Environmental Health Unit
  • Step 3: You need to register a (class 1,2 & 3) or notify (class 4) your temporary and mobile food premises with your principle council via streatrader in order to operate anywhere in Victoria.

Your principal council is the council:

  • in which your business prepares or stores food that is to be sold from a van, stall, or vending machine; or
  • if food is not usually prepared or stored beforehand by your business - the district in which you usually store the equipment for a stall, or garage your food van or water transport vehicle; or
  • if none of the above apply - the district in which your usual business address is located; or
  • if none of the above are in Victoria - the district in which the food van, water transport vehicle, stall or vending machines will first operate in Victoria.

Once the relevant information on Streatrader is submitted to Wyndham City’s Environmental Health Unit, the relevant fee will be generated. This can be paid by phone, cheque or in person at the Wyndham Council Civic Centre. If paying in person, please provide your Streatrader registration number.

An inspection may be conducted (if applicable) to determine if the proposed food premises complies with the requirements under the Food Act 1984 and Australian Food Standards Code.

Once approved, your temporary / mobile food premises certificate will be emailed to you via Streatrader.

Food Safety Program

Class 2 food businesses must have a Food Safety Program. A range of approved Food Safety Program Templates is available on the Department of Health website.

Class 3 premises can choose to use either a Food Safety Program Template or utilise Class 3 Food Safety Guide when operating at an event.

If you a Community Groups and you are intending on operating as a community group you can obtain a Class 2 or a Class 3 Community Group Food Safety Program by visiting the Department of Health website.

Food Safety Supervisors / Food Handler Training

Class 2 food businesses must nominate a Food Safety Supervisor and submit to Council a Statement of Attainment which meets the Minimum Competency Standards for the food sector to which the business belongs. Please refer to the Department of Education & Training website for a list of Recognised Training Organisations who can provide accredited training.

If you are a Class 2 community group or a not for profit organisation you are only exempt from the Food Safety Supervisor requirement if you operate for no more than 2 consecutive days.

Additional Resources

The Department of Health has developed Do Food Safely, a free on-line learning program than can help improve your staff’s knowledge of safe food handling techniques.

Alternatively there is also an Environmental Health Australia on-line learning program named I’m ALERT food safety that can be completed.  

Fact Sheets

Contact Details

  • Email streatrader@health.vic.gov.au,
  • Phone the Streatrader hotline on 13 22 15 or
  • Contact Council's Environmental Health Unit on (03) 9742 0738.
  • Wyndham Council Civic Centre 45 Princes Hwy, Werribee

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