We are committed to making the permit process as easy as possible for new and growing businesses.

Whether you are a new or established business, it’s likely you will need a permit to operate – some businesses may even need more than one permit. This page will help you determine the type of permit you may need.

Wyndham City’s Small Business Liaison Officer can guide you through the process of your Permit Application.  We have now made the process easier for small businesses to gain permits where required by moving to a single application form.

Starting a business process

To identify and apply for the permits you need to set up your small business in Wyndham, or to set up a pre-application meeting to ensure things are on the right track, contact:

An appointment is highly recommended as these are given priority.

Get Ready

Ok, so you have decided to start a business. What type of business are you thinking of running?

Food, health and beauty? Are you starting a new business? Are you buying an existing business?

Complete Page 3, Section 2 of the Small Business Permits Application Form.

Need more information?


Once submitted, your application will be reviewed to see if it needs to

  • be referred to other departments and or authorities
  • if further information is needed, before finalising a decision
  • if advertising is needed to neighbours

Council’s Small Business Liaison Officer will help you through the process and will work with the relevant departments such as Town Planning, Health, Local Laws & Building to make sure your application stays on track.

Request for Information

We will contact you within 15 days from when you pay your fees to request any further information we need to process your application.

This step can be delayed if we don't get all the information we need, that’s why it’s important to make sure you return the information we need as quickly as possible so we can move you to the assessment phase.


Once you send us all the information we need, we’ll then send your application to the relevant referral agencies, advertise your application publicly (if necessary) and assess your application. This step takes three to four weeks on average.


As soon as we have finished our assessment(s), we'll be in touch to confirm our decision.


Once you get all your permits, Council’s Economic Growth Unit can help you grow and develop your business. 

We will add you to our Business Matters in Wyndham e-newsletter and send you links to our online Business Directory and local Business Groups.

We’ll also direct you to any other services you can access to help your business.


Before you start your online application please ensure that you have discussed your business proposal with our Town Planning Dept.  You will not be able to proceed unless you have completed this step.

One final check to make sure you have all the right documentation for the application.

Begin your online Small Business Permit Application

Download a Small Business Permit Application

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