Wyndham City Council is undertaking a review of post-contact heritage within the municipality, from the period since first contact between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

This project is a three-stage project which has been identified as a major initiative in Wyndham City’s 2019/20 Annual Plan and Budget.

The project will assist Council to identify and protect its heritage places and enable Council and the community to gain a better understanding of its important heritage places.

The Wyndham Heritage Review is currently in Stage 1 of a three-stage project:

  • Stage 1: Identify and review places and precincts of potential heritage significance.
  • Stage 2: Detailed study and documentation of heritage places and precincts
  • Stage 3: Protect places and precincts of confirmed heritage significance.

Stage 1: Community Nominations December 2019 – February 2020

  • Between December 2019 – February 2020, we received 160 nominations from the community for possible heritage places in Wyndham.
  • Heritage experts then reviewed those nominations as well as existing heritage studies, maps, fieldwork, databases and resources from local historical societies to produce a high-level, Draft Gap Study.

Stage 1: Draft Gap Study: Shortlisted Sites + Community Feedback July – August 2020

At the July 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council resolved to place the Stage 1 Draft Gap Study and to proceed with the preparation of a comprehensive update to Wyndham’s Thematic Environmental History.

Feedback was gathered via The Loop website, print and social media, and direct engagement with landowners and stakeholders.

The Draft Gap Study does not make any recommendations for Heritage Overlay, with more detailed research to be carried out (Stage 2) to confirm what significance each identified site has, if any.

Within the Draft Gap Study Shortlisted Sites included:

Individual Sites

  • 59 residential places;
  • 5 commercial places;
  • 3 community places;
  • 8 landscapes;
  • 18 trees;
  • 4 industrial places;
  • 3 military sites;
  • 14 infrastructure/transport-related sites; and
  • 27 archaeological places.

Complex Places

  • Western Treatment Plant, Farm Road, Cocoroc;
  • Werribee River Environs (Eynesbury);
  • Melbourne-Geelong Railway Line;
  • Truganina/Tarneit Landscape;
  • Irrigation schemes in Truganina, Werribee, Werribee South and
  • Rothwell Crossing Precinct.


  • Anne Street Residential Precinct, Werribee;
  • Beamish Street Residential Precinct, Werribee;
  • Gibbons Street Residential Precinct, Werribee;
  • McDonald Street, Francis Street and Bolwell Street Residential Precinct, Werribee; and
  • Campbells Cove and Baileys Beach.

Stage 1: Review of Draft Gap Study Community Feedback August – December 2020

  • Council will consider all of the feedback received before finalising and adopting the Draft Gap Study (Stage 1).
  • During this time Council will also be commencing work on updating the ‘Thematic Environmental History of the City of Wyndham.’
  • Once it is finalised, the Gap Study will provide a reference guide and help us make decisions about how to prioritise further, more detailed research during Stage 2.

Read More About the Heritage Review

As a region with high growth, there are pressures on our special heritage places due to development and competing strategic objectives such as infrastructure provision and housing growth.

Council must manage these pressures on our historical places, to ensure that amenity and the character of areas are retained and protected ensuring any development, maintains the special character and places that reflect the history of our region.

Respect for our cultural heritage involves retaining and managing places that have importance to us as a community, providing historic continuity and a sense of place.

Currently, Wyndham has two sites on the National Heritage List (RAAF bases in Laverton and Point Cook) and 13 sites listed on the Victorian State Heritage Register.

Locally, Wyndham currently has 135 sites of Local Significance, including dry stone walls, homesteads, mansion, gardens, infrastructure, and homes, such as the Carter Housing Estate, Muswell House and Werribee Cemetery, which are listed on the Heritage Overlay Schedule, at Clause 43.01 of the Wyndham Planning Scheme.

Council manages the identification and protection of local places under the Scheme and is responsible for issuing planning permits for the use and development of heritage places under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

What is a Heritage Place?

A heritage place may be a site, area, building, group of buildings, structure, archaeological site, tree, garden, geological formation, fossil site or other place of natural or cultural significance and its associated land.

Heritage objects may include furniture, shipwrecks, relics, archaeological artefacts, equipment, transport vehicles and everyday articles that contribute to an understanding of a place’s history.

Not every place has heritage value, and not every place with heritage value has sufficient value to meet the threshold justifying inclusion on a particular list, such as the Heritage Overlay Schedule for locally significant places, or the Victorian Heritage Register for places of State heritage significance.

Criteria and thresholds are key tools used to help decide the level of protection a place warrants.

In Australia, the ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) “Charter for the Conservation of Places of Cultural Significance”, known as the “Burra Charter” is a set of principles that have been adopted to create a nationally accepted standard for heritage conservation practice in Australia.

The Review will look at built heritage, vegetation and places of archaeological sensitivity within the post contact period. It will also include a review of the Thematic Environmental History of Wyndham, which identifies the key historical development themes of Wyndham, and apply these themes in identifying heritage places.

Get in Touch With Us

If you have questions about the Heritage Review, or information about nominated sites that you would like to share, you can chat to the team via heritage.review@wyndham.vic.gov.au or phone 9742 0777.

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