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IoT Network


The low power wide area network (LPWAN) forms the connectivity backbone for the array of smart cities applications. This IoT Network is how low energy, battery powered sensors communicate back to a central server. This infrastructure will allow the city to begin roll out of various IoT devices, facilitating better management and understanding of the city.

The availability of dedicated IoT networks can offer reduced connectivity costs for council applications and its constituents. The specific requirements of sensors - extended battery life and relatively minor data transmission requirements make LPWAN much more suitable than 3G/4G/5G and WiFi connectivity.

The Project

Wyndham City Council will be working with the network vendor to install low power wide area (LPWA) antennas on council structures across the city.

Early stages of the project will identify the most appropriate locations to install the base stations for the greatest coverage & network redundancy. 

Expected Outcomes

With the IoT network in place:

  • Wyndham City will be able to roll out a range of IoT devices such as air quality sensors, water pressure monitoring, temperature monitoring and asset tracking. This information is used to improve our understanding, management and utilisation of city assets and facilities.
  • Businesses and organisations can leverage IoT technology to create new business opportunities and operational efficiencies.

Future plans for the project

Wyndham City will continue to work with other partners to ensure required coverage and networks are supported.



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