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The purpose of the Volunteer Tutor Scheme is to provide one-to-one English tuition to students who are unable to attend classes for various reasons. Tutors meet with students either in the students’ homes or another mutually agreed location. The Volunteer Tutor Scheme ensures that students do not become isolated or excluded from participating in the community due to language barriers.

What does a Volunteer Tutor do?

Volunteer Tutors meet AMEP students at the students’ homes or other locations such as local libraries or community centres.Tutors assist their matched student to learn English.

Who can be a volunteer tutor?

Our Volunteer Tutors require no previous teaching experience. A course in Volunteer English Tutoring is provided to equip tutors with the basic skills required to assist English-language learning. Anyone who is interested in serving the community, getting to know other cultures, gaining personal satisfaction or getting some experience in teaching can join our volunteer team.

If you have proficient written and spoken English, empathy and an interest in people from diverse cultures, we would welcome you to our volunteer team.

Can I be a Volunteer Tutor if I work full time?

Yes, you can. We ask our volunteers to fill in an availability form which includes both weekdays and weekends and options for mornings, afternoons and evenings. Volunteer Tutors can choose their availability options and they will be matched with students only on those hours.

Do I need a car?

It is not a requirement for a volunteer to have a car. We try to match tutors with students in the same areas so tutors do not have far to travel. If tutors do not have cars, they would need to be confident using public transport.

Who are the students?

Our students are newly arrived residents from diverse cultural backgrounds with varying levels of English language competency. Students are referred to the Volunteer Tutor Scheme when they are attending low-intensity English classes, or are unable to attend classes, due to various reasons such as family or work commitments, geographical isolation, age or various other barriers to learning. Students’ English levels and goals are assessed before the tutoring commences to help our volunteers tailor classes that are specific to their student’s needs.

Do you provide training for Volunteer Tutors?

Volunteer Tutors are provided with and required to complete a comprehensive and informative training course in Volunteer English Language Tutoring. It is mandatory for volunteer tutors to complete all components of the course.

How are tutors matched with the students?

We contact students to do a language and learning needs assessment before the tutors make their first visit. We aim to match volunteers with students by locality so that volunteers do not have to travel a long distance.

How long do I have to commit for?

We ask for a minimum six-month commitment from all our tutors to ensure continuity of  learning for our students.

What support do we provide to our volunteer tutors?

Learning for Employment provides support for Volunteer Tutors via phone, e-mail and face-to-face information sessions. We send out regular newsletters via e-mail, hold morning/afternoon teas and organise tutor support workshops. We hold an annual social event to ensure both tutors and students are provided with a social forum to get to know each other and create a community of teaching and learning.

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