The Integrated Plan & Budget 2016/17 incorporates a number of legislated documents, including the City Plan, Strategic Resource Plan and the Annual Budget. The Wyndham City Plan 2013-17 details how Council plans to secure Wyndham’s prosperity, sustainability and liveability. 2016/17 is the fourth and final year of the current City Plan.

This Integrated Annual Plan & Budget details what actions are to be taken in 2016/17 and how they will be funded. This Integrated Plan & Budget 2016/17 incorporates the Strategies, Policies and Plans to be delivered into the short to medium term while remaining financially sustainable under the 2.5% rate increase scenario.

Schedule of Fees & Charges 2016/17

The Schedule of Fees & Charges 2016/17 sets out the fees that Council may charge for 2016/17. Where a fee amount is set through legislation, the legislated rate supersedes any amount listed in this schedule. When setting the fee rate consideration is given to the following:

  • Equitable - the fees are fairly applied across a range of users and consideration is given to the user’s capacity to pay.
  • Efficiency - the fees are simple for Council to administer.
  • Clarity – users clearly understand how and when fees are applied.
  • Transparency – the nature and use of the service is easily understood and accessible to all applicable users.

Rating Strategy 2016

The Rating Strategy 2016 details Council’s application of rating legislation to apportion rates to property owners in Wyndham City. The aim of the Strategy is to ensure the equitable imposition of rates and charges.

For further information contact Wyndham City on 1300 023 411 or email

Wyndham City Plan 2017-21

The Wyndham City Plan sets out the priorities which will guide the work done by Council over the next four years. It specifically identifies what Council is working towards under each theme. The Wyndham City Plan 2017-21 is currently being prepared and residents are invited to provide feedback on the priorities.

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