One on one IT Help

Do you need some focused support with computers or technology? Free digital training is available.

Book a One on One IT help session, and our friendly staff will help you

We can help with PCs, Macs, and all kinds of phones and tablets. Help can be provided on your own device, through one of the library’s computers, or even remotely and over the phone. Individual arrangements will be made for each session to ensure social distance can be maintained, including displaying your device on an external screen, and the use of a Perspex screen.

Help available includes:

  • Searching the internet
  • Using email
  • Accessing the online library
  • Setting up a MyGov account, and accessing your vaccine status
  • Connecting online with social media
  • Connecting with online video calls

This is a session, not a class. There is also a fantastic range of self paced training on these topics and more available at BeConnected.

Bookings essential.

Date and time
Upcoming events:
86 Manor Lakes Blvd
Manor Lakes
VIC 3024
Wyndham City Libraries

(03) 8734 8930



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