Wyndham City offers all Wyndham households two free hard and green waste collection services each financial year. This service works on a pre-booked system so you will need to book your collection day at least 1 week in advance.

Depending on the collection day for your property (which is the same as the collection day for your garbage), there is limited availability for collection between now and Christmas.  But you can still book a collection for the New Year.

Book a hard & green waste collection online

What hard & green waste can be collected

General hard waste

Crockery and ceramics 
Household furniture including sofas and beds 
Electrical appliances 

Mattresses and bases

  • No more than 2 per booking

Glass and mirrors

  • Wrap and tape in several layers of strong paper or cardboard
  • Mark ‘GLASS’ for the safety of collectors


  • Up to 10 pieces of timber
  • Neatly tied with natural string
  • No longer than 1.5 metres
  • Bend or remove nails

Green waste & raw timber

Raw timber, prunings and branches

  • You must neatly tie with natural fibre string (see details below)
  • Bundles must not be longer than 1.5 metres
  • Bundles must be able to be lifted by one person

Grass clippings, vines, rose cuttings, yuccas, serrated or spiky plants, weeds and leaves

  • You may put these in open containers or cardboard boxes
  • They cannot be loose, in plastic bags or in wheelie bin/s
  • Only cardboard boxes with green waste will be removed by the contractor
  • All other containers will be left behind unless labelled to be collected

Note: FREE MULCH is available to Wyndham residents (proof needed) from Wests Road RDF on a self-serve basis (while stocks last).


Tying your green waste

Please only use natural fibre twine, string, rope, wool or cord (i.e. cotton, sisal or jute).  You can buy these from most supermarkets or hardware stores.  String must be strong enough not to break.

Suitable to use

Natural Twine

Not suitable to use

Synthetic Twine

We cannot collect green waste in plastic bags, loose or tied with synthetic string.

The examples above are not a natural fibre, they cannot be mulched and they do not break down. 

White goods/metal waste

Scrap metal

  • Must not be longer than 1.5 metres
  • Take apart swings, basketball rings, etc

Small car parts, barbeques, lawn mowers, tools


White goods (fridges, ovens, washing machines, dishwashers)

  • Remove doors

Empty tins

  • Remove lids

Hot water systems, baths

Electrical and household appliances 

Waste that cannot be collected

  • The contractor will only collect 3 cubic metres of waste.  If you put out more than the allowed amount, then you must clean up and get rid of the remaining waste. Photographs will be taken before and after for reference.
  • Unacceptable waste or waste that is not put out in time will not be collected and your booking will be lost.
  • Penalties apply for waste left on the cross over or nature strip 24 hours after collection day.

These items cannot be collected

  • Green waste in plastic bags or wheelie bins
  • Untied tree cuttings/branches or bundles tied with wire, synthetic/plastic string or tape
  • Tree Stumps or roots
  • Cardboard and newspaper or household waste
  • Carpet, underlay, floor rugs and clothing
  • Renovation or building materials, pallets, rocks, rubble, soil, bricks or concrete
  • Timber longer than 1.5m or unbundled timber
  • Unwrapped or broken glass
  • Liquid waste, chemicals, garden sprays, paint and oil
  • Hazardous or offensive waste including asbestos
  • Tyres, batteries, coil springs or car body parts
  • Gas bottles or oxygen cylinders

Disposal of other items

For information on unwanted household Chemical Collections call Sustainability Victoria on 1800 353 233.


The RDF (tip) accepts cardboard free of charge.  The tip is located at 470 Wests Road, Werribee

Refer to Waste Guide for full list

Hard waste - volume

Putting out your waste prior to collection date

  • Put items out 1 day before your collection date
  • If necessary, place a label on the rubbish pile to clearly identify it.
  • To ensure a smooth collection please neatly sort / stack your items in 3 separate piles.
    • General hard waste

    • Green waste

    • White goods/metal items
  • Please box small items of same type / category together.
  • Each item must not weigh more than 55kg and must be able to be lifted by 2 people
  • Items must not be longer than 1.5 metres.
  • Volume of waste must not be more than 3 cubic metres (3 metres long x 1 metres deep x 1 metre high)

Hard waste - placement

Placement of your waste pile

  • Place your items within your property, i.e.: in your front yard / driveway
  • Do not place items on the nature strip / crossover
  • If access/placement is a problem, please contact Council prior to collection day
  • There must be clear access to your waste collection.
  • Backyard collections are not allowed
  • For properties with no obvious boundary (i.e.: no footpath or front fence), put your items between 4 to 10 metres from the street kerb/gutter
  • Under local laws, it is an offence to place your hard and green waste on the nature strip / crossover. Please make sure you put your waste within 4 to 10 metres from the street kerb on your property. If you do not place your waste correctly it will not be collected and your booking will be lost.

How to book your hard & green waste collection

To book your collection, follow these steps:  

  • Step 1:
  • Step 2: Put your hard rubbish and green waste at the front of your house within your property boundary (not on the nature strip or footpath) the night before collection day and, if necessary, place a sticker/label on the rubbish pile to clearly identify it.

If you have any queries about your booking please call Wyndham City on (03) 9742 0777 between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Why is my property ineligible for hard & green waste collections?

Some Wyndham properties are not eligible for hard and green waste collections for one of the following reasons:

  1. The rates for the property do not include a Waste Management charge (and therefore the property does not receive Wyndham City garbage collections services) and cannot receive hard and green waste collections
  2. A building has recently been built on the property but the process to update the way the property rates are calculated has not been completed.  Once this process is complete the owner will receive a supplementary rates notice.  Once this notice has been issued (and as long as the property is paying the Waste Management charge (see 1) above)), the property will then be eligible for hard and green waste collections.

Cancelling your booking

Your hard and green waste collection may be cancelled by calling Council on (03) 9742 0777 by 9.30am, at least one business day before the collection date. Otherwise, the booking will be lost.

Contact details

For general enquiries regarding Hard and Green Waste collections or any problems/issues regarding a booked collection, please call Wyndham City Council on 9742 0777 between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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