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  • Werribee
177 Watton Street, Werribee
  • Wyndham City:
    $3 million
  • State Government:
    $3 million

Wyndham Cultural Centre is one of Wyndham City’s most prominent cultural assets and a vital part of the Werribee City Centre.  Wyndham Cultural Centre is central to Wyndham City’s network of creative infrastructure and plays a key role in Werribee City Centre as a driver of community development.

With support from the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions’ GSF Fund for $3 million, Wyndham City Council  is exploring future upgrades to Werribee’s much loved and utlised,  Wyndham Cultural Centre. There is strong creative sector demand for development and presentation venues across Wyndham, of which Wyndham Cultural Centre plays a key role. It currently facilitates creative development, presentation and participation opportunities for the community. It shapes the culture of the Werribee community, building connections and creative capacity, and provides local artists and makers with a ladder into the wider creative sector.  

Wyndham City will be running  consultation sessions  with the community, user groups and creative sector, early next year to understand the community needs and aspirations for creative infrastructure across Wyndham, including Wyndham Cultural Centre.  Establishing a clear vision for the future of Wyndham Cultural Centre is essential to guiding its development into the future.

Wyndham City recognises that arts and culture are important to improve the health and wellbeing of residents, and is seeking to support this through its Wyndham 2040 Vision to: s:

Deliver, support and promote creative industries including the arts, events and festivals that contribute to the vibrancy and liveability of the City.

We are excited about Wyndham Cultural Centre and its role using arts and culture to create a place for the community  as place for creativity, connection and celebration through the arts.

To find out more by visiting Wyndham Cultural Centre Upgrade.

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