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Sports Oval Utilisation


While Wyndham’s growth offers immense opportunities, managing the growth and providing timely planning responses to increased demand and safety concerns is an ongoing challenge. 

Sport and active recreation is a cornerstone in community life, sports facilities and networks are integral to the wellbeing of the community providing platforms for: mental and physical wellbeing; social connection; the local economy; skill development for employment; and cultural and generational awareness and understanding.

The project is seeking to improve the understanding and management of sports fields across our city. The automated and accurate collection of visitation numbers and usage patterns across the specific sport space (e.g. high usage in the goal square) using emerging technologies would be used to inform sports field planning, coordination of training/playing rosters, maximise availability, better understand usage patterns and inform the maintenance and management programs.

The Project

Our Sport Strategy estimates that the total infrastructure requirement will cost $971 million to deliver over a 27 year period. Our maintenance budget for parks and open space currently accounts for 10.13% of our annual expenditure. There is a net cost in providing outdoor active open space facilities with the ongoing maintenance and renewal of the asset far exceeding the fees provided through club and association usage.

There is significant financial benefit in using a comprehensive evidence based approach to the delivery of sport and active recreation facilities. By understanding visitation numbers, usage patterns across the specific sport space (e.g. high usage in the goal square) and understand the types of usage (sports played, age of participants, gender) the city can influence the liveability of a city, whilst also managing our resources such as water, lighting and construction costs.

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