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We at Australia Disability Services make sure that the patient feels at home and does not feel that they must go through their disability alone. Our professionals take a human-centred empathetic approach towards people.

Our NDIS funding categories are:

· Daily Living
· Social and Community Participation
· Relationships
Capacity Building:
· Improved Relationships
· Improved Social and Community Participation
· Improved Health and Well-being
· Lifelong Learning
· Improved Daily Living

Health and Wellbeing:
With a great state of health and wellbeing, one can function at its best. For people with disabilities and elderly, maintaining a good health status is a great way to improve their life skills. With Australia Disability Services, our participants are given different support services to ensure that they are in great shape in terms of their physical, mental, social and emotional state. We priorities their overall wellbeing because we genuinely care for them.

Daily Life Assistance
Australia Disability Services offers the best support services to all NDIS participants; empowering them to face disability living with positivity and hope. Taking a realistic approach towards life, Australia Disability Services helps people through every aspect of life.

Support Coordination:
Our team at Australia Disability Services can do the support work for you through our great disability facilities! We can help negotiate the best support plans and will always assist in reviewing them. Offering disability support in Australia makes us strive harder to empower everyone to give back to the lovely Australian society.

Community Participation:
The best community is the one that welcomes everyone with open arms and works together towards a better future. Our community participation programs can help everyone be an active part of the community and always feel welcome. This is how we become one of the most notable providers of disability services in Victoria.

Be it cooking classes or fun music events in public, trust Australia Disability Services to have you ready to live life to the fullest. Our team of competent disability providers can guide you through all these community activities. Contact us now to finally find the best disability service provider near you!

Why Choose ADS?
If you want a support service provider that addresses different physical and mental health issues, then call for Australia Disability Services. We have a team of professionals that can provide improved health and wellbeing in NDIS. Our goal is to create an opportunity for our clients to enhance their mental and physical health and wellbeing. Living with disabilities or illnesses should not stop a person from achieving higher goals in life. Let us help you achieve a great state of physical-mental health and wellbeing in Australia. Rest assured that Australia Disability Services will be with you all throughout your journey!

ADS: Providing Quality NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation in Melbourne. Australia Disability Service is the name you can rely on to provide the safest and most secure tenancy and special accommodation for your aging loved ones and family members with extreme functional impairment. To ensure great disability accommodation, we also provide quality NDIS transport services for our clients.

Australia Disability Services: Provider of Quality Respite Services. As a primary carer at home, you go through a lot of scheduled activities. Delivering 24/7 care and support to your loved ones is a great way to show your love and loyalty. But remember that you are important too. Australia Disability Services gives you the chance for a self-care time through our flexible respite services.

Australia Disability Services is proud partner of Australia Partners of Defence (APOD) supporting the veteran community Australia’s largest Australia Defence Force and Veteran community. At ADS we recognise those who service and sacrifice of Australian military families by delivering disability services they deserve. Also, we’re proud supporter of Veteran’s Employment Veterans Employment Program!

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