Street address
1 Storkbill Road Wyndham Vale 3024
Postal address
1 Storkbill Road Wyndham Vale 3024
9088 0620

Our unique educational program:

  • Starts with our babies: unlike traditional childcare centres, our educational program begins in our babies’ room. We focus on early language development and make sure that our children have a rich language environment. This helps improve their vocabularies and develop their brains. It also ensures that children have the language necessary to fully participate in our 3 and 4-year-old kindergarten programs.
  • Focuses on language: early language development gives children the ‘golden keys’ to unlock the world around them. It also forms the foundation for later learning – it helps children to learn to read and even predicts later academic performance in school.
  • Makes learning fun: life is better when it’s fun, and learning is no different. Our fun program helps children discover the joy of learning to help them be lifelong learners.
  • Ensures school readiness: we work with families to make sure that their children are ready to thrive at school. This helps children achieve their potential, because research says that children who start school ahead, stay ahead.
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Private Company
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