Wyndham has become a recognised home for the arts in 2021.

The Wyndham Art Gallery celebrates the ten years of programming in its small but ambitious gallery with a publication and online exhibition – DECADE - that acknowledges the wonderful artists and rich variety of exhibition’s that have graced its walls since 2011.


DECADE is a retrospective of some of the prominent work that has been shown in the 70 plus exhibitions that have been visited by local residents, national and international visitors over a decade.

It will highlight artists such as Jill Orr, Vicky Couzins, Clinton Naina and Richard Bell, who have exhibited in the gallery over the past 10 years, showing their original work exhibited alongside newly commissioned essays, artists interviews and podcasts.

It also considers the development of the gallery from its relatively unknown beginning to a space that has helped stimulate the growth and  demand for the arts in Wyndham over that time, paving the way for a new beginning in a new and larger gallery as a part of the planned redevelopment of the Wyndham Cultural Centre.


The next Decade will include a newer and bigger space in the renovated Cultural Centre that will allow for the expansion of the galleries focus, which is to centre First Nations artists while reflecting the community of Wyndham in its culturally rich diversity.

Co-curators Maree Clarke and megan evans provided a safe space for people of all cultures, genders and abilities to participate in what the gallery offers.

Maree Clarke’s legacy lives on in our newest curator Olivia Poloni who bring a wealth of experience to help develop the gallery to new heights.

Come and see DECADE and reminisce…. or discover what you have missed.


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