Wyndham is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia.

With rapid growth comes unique challenges.

Wyndham is experiencing a range of social, economic and environmental opportunities and challenges magnified by its growth. The challenge for our city has never been greater, we are facing:

  • Increasing population;
  • Increasing regulatory demands;
  • Increasing demands on infrastructure especially roads and transport systems;
  • Growing economic competition;
  • Increasing community expectations in areas such as transport, education, health, facilities and local government services;
  • Increasing expectations for an improved quality of life;
  • Changing social, cultural and community needs; and
  • Increasing environmental challenges.

From all these perspectives we need our city to work better – for our residents, businesses and visitors.

Wyndham City is committed to creating and delivering sustainable ‘leading edge’ smart city solutions that take advantage of the benefits of new technologies. We are committed to being innovative in the way we solve problems.

Advances in technology and data analysis provide us with the tools to better understand how our city functions and to plan and deliver services more effectively.

With these changes tools can be developed that provide faster, evidence-based, responses to the challenges and opportunities.

But the challenge is more than just how we improve our services. Technology development affects the economy, the design of the built environment, and even the relationship between residents and the Council.  That’s why Wyndham City Council has committed to Wyndham becoming a ‘smart city’.

As part of ‘Our Wyndham – Towards 2040’:

  • We undertook an organisational restructure to meet the priorities and issues facing our growing community, and resources were made available to create a ‘smart cities’ business unit.
  • We created the Smart City Portfolio Committee with the aim of focusing extra attention on the key priority areas of our City.

Wyndham City Council is transforming how it works, engages with citizens and other stakeholders, how it partners with other organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors and ways it anticipates and responds to future challenges.

The City is embracing emerging technologies and supporting a knowledge-based economy, innovation and entrepreneurship to improve productivity and work efficiency.

Our Wyndham – Towards 2040 is delivering results – we said we wanted to better meet new and emerging community needs and aspirations, and we are. You can read about the smart initiatives that are proposed, planned and completed.

This is only the beginning of our unwavering commitment to being at the forefront of embracing new technologies to position Wyndham for success in the 21st Century economy.

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