Note: Wyndham City Youth Services is currently not recruiting committee members.

Youth Services has a range of Youth Committees from youth leadership, advocacy, skill development, and planning and running community events and projects. These committees are for 15- 25 year olds, unless specified.

If you would like to find out more information, please complete our Youth Programs - Register Your Interest form.

Alternative, you can contact Youth Services:

• Phone - 8734 1355
• Email -
• Social Media: Youth in Wyndham Instagram and Wyndham City Facebook

The current committees that Youth Services are offering are:

Paradox FReeZA Committee

Paradox FReeZA Crew, is a group of young people from 15 - 25 years of age, who assist in running drug, alcohol, and smoke free live music events, skate competitions, podcasts and training sessions. They get together at the Youth Resource Centre on a weekly basis to plan, develop and discuss live music and other events.

The Paradox FReeZA Crew focuses on developing young people’s skills and providing experience in event management, marketing and promotion, sound production, lighting and podcasting with opportunities to network with industry professionals.

Young people will be appropriately trained for their specific area of interest by industry professionals and their peers.

Previous alumni from Wyndham’s FReeZA program have gone onto be successful touring musicians, have entered tertiary study within the Music Industry and Event Management fields, have gained employment with Event Production businesses and in some cases have grown into successful Youth Workers.

For further information on the committee and events, please contact Jamie Cooke on 8734 1355 or email

Youth Task Force

The Youth Task Force committee is a group of young leaders who advise Council as representatives of Wyndham’s young people, Youth Task Force meets regularly to advocate on youth issues such as Mental Health, Access & Inclusion, Body Image, Education & Employment etc. in Wyndham.

This committee is for aspiring young leaders that want to represent young people in their community and act as a point of reference to council. Youth Task Force is involved with many community projects, consultations and events within council.

The skills that could be gained in the Youth Task Force Committee are leadership, advocacy, event management, project management, marketing & Networking. Some of the recent projects Youth Task Force have delivered are the Youth Summit, Ongoing  (planning the Youth Summit), advocacy (completing Loop consultations on behalf of young people)  and project management ( Book of Stuff Youth Directory development and marketing, Way Out West event facilitation).

For more information, please contact the Youth Project Officer, Trudy Chitty at Youth Resource Centre on 8734 1355 or email

Youth Multicultural Commitee

Wyndham City Council’s Youth Multicultural Committee, is a committee dedicated to those from a first generation Australian, migrant, refugee or asylum seeker background. If you are aged 16 – 25, identify from one of the above backgrounds and live, work or study in Wyndham you are eligible to join our committee.

The Multicultural Committee works on a range of projects including events, workshops and forums. The focus of these projects is to raise awareness of other cultures and promote tolerance within our community. New skills you can learn include leadership skills, event management, project management, creative skills both in traditional and digital forms as well as advocacy and development, for both yourself and your community.

Additional opportunities include projects with external stakeholders and work experience pathways.

For more information contact Marisha from Youth Services on 8734 1355 or email

Apply to be part of the Wyndham City Council’s Youth Multicultural Committee

Youth Governance Committee

The Wyndham Youth Governance Committee is a voluntary group of young people that gather with a common interest in advising for local change for young people. The Wyndham Youth Governance Committee acts in an advisory capacity only.

They report to the Area Leader and Youth Projects officer who retain the power to make the final decision in consultation with young people and Council. The role of this committee will be to make effective decisions surrounding which young people will be selected as the representatives of the One Wyndham project and Youth Civic Participation project.

For further details email

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