Volunteering in the Wyndham Community

There are many organisations in our community that have volunteer opportunities, from small community groups to large not-for-profit organisations. Researching volunteer opportunities that are available will help you find the right role for you. Don't forget to research the group or organisation to make sure you’re interested in their cause or purpose.

View one of our short videos on ‘Finding a Volunteer Role’.

  • Volunteer West is a volunteer resource centre that operates across the western metropolitan region of Melbourne.  You can contact Volunteer West to talk about the type of role you may be interested in and discuss your skills and interests. You can call them on 1800 123 865 or visit their website.
  • GoVolunteer provides all the information needed to find out about volunteering and volunteer opportunities in your area, facilitated by Volunteering Australia.  Download the GoVolunteer App to search over 6,000 volunteering opportunities.
  • Seek Volunteer – search for volunteer opportunities in a certain location and follow their advice and tips to finding the right volunteer opportunity.
  • DoSomethingNearYou - Type in your postcode to find out what you can do in your local community.
  • Wyndham Volunteer Directory - View some local volunteer opportunities and contact an organisation for more information.
  • Green Living in Wyndham - Get involved with Council’s Environment and Sustainability initiatives, groups and activities.
  • Volunteering Victoria - search for volunteer roles via Volunteering Victoria’s website.
  • ProBono Australia – news, resources, careers and volunteer opportunities for the common good.
  • Good Company  helps to match your skills and interests to volunteer opportunities across hundreds of charities and includes both skilled and 'hands on' volunteering for individuals and teams.
  • Vollie – an online marketplace that connects skilled people to non-profits, charities and social enterprises for skills-based online volunteering.
  • Victorians Volunteering for Nature – Search the interactive map to find environmental volunteering groups in Victoria.
  • Communiteer is a crowdsourcing platform that connects, engages and mobilises volunteers to tackle the world’s greatest challenges.
  • Institute of Community Directors Australia - an enterprise of ourcommunity.com.au - Board Position Matching Service.
  • Create your own Volunteer Profile - register with Volunteering Australia to receive emails with information on roles tailored to you.
  • weVolunteer - a Community Recovery Volunteer Pool, designed to help mobilise volunteers to assist with community recovery following the impact of COVID-19 and other emergencies.

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