The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Nurse Scholarship Program aims to offer a scholarship to eligible registered nurses and midwives intending to undertake study that leads to qualification as a Maternal and Child Health Nurse in Victoria. Wyndham City Council retains the option to award none, up to three scholarships, or part thereof.

The scholarship payment is worth up to $25,000 which is available to registered nurses who complete MCH nursing studies an accredited Graduate Diploma at Federation UniversityRMIT University or La Trobe University. Preference will be given to Wyndham residents and those, who after gaining MCH qualifications, agree to work (subject to vacancies) at Wyndham City Council.


To be eligible for the program, applicants must:

  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Registered as a Nurse and Midwife with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and provide a current practicing certificate
  • Be enrolled in one of the above-mentioned courses
  • Complete the course in no longer than 2 years

Application Process

Applications are currently closed.

Applications must:

  • include a recent resume and covering letter outlining why they wish to participate in the program
  • provide acceptable evidence of enrolment in the one of the above-mentioned courses

Selection Criteria

Following the close of the application period, a short-listing process will take place. Eligible candidates will be contacted regarding their application and asked to attend an interview.


Once successful applicants have forwarded copies of enrolment forms and course fee payments, they will be eligible for an initial payment of $10,000. A payment of $8,000 will be completed upon completion a minimum of 48 credit points. The remaining $9,000 will be paid on completion of a minimum of 96 credit points.

Presentation of completed enrolment form and course fee payments


On 50% completion of minimum of 48 credit points


On completion of minimum of 96 credit points


Successful completion of the accredited course is defined as completing a minimum of 96 credit points, including a minimum of 84 credit points from chosen core courses and a minimum of 12 credit points from chosen elective course. 

The Scholarship is available to applicants who have already commenced their study. The scholarship shall be paid on a pro-rata basis, with the amount and payment schedule adjusted.

For each payment, the successful applicant must provide their academic transcript to a Wyndham City Council representative to obtain reimbursement.

Conditions of Program

Successful applicants who withdraw from their nursing course must notify the Wyndham City Council and the educational institution within one (1) week.

Full or partial repayment of sponsorship funding following withdrawal from the MCH nursing course may be required after review of individual circumstances and will be decided by Wyndham City Council representatives.

Upon successful completion of their studies, successful scholarship recipients will receive an offer of employment to join Council to complete a twelve-month graduate placement. As a Pathways to Employment program participant, graduates receive priority access to available nursing vacancies.

For more MCH scholarships, please visit the Department of Health’s website.


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