Living Your Best Life In Wyndham: A Lifecourse Framework To Support Our Community Through All Of Life’s Stages provides a structure for considering the changing needs of Wyndham residents throughout their lives and ensures that Council and its partners are best placed to work in a flexible and future-focused manner, developing solutions for the long term.

In the development of the Lifecourse Framework people across all life stages were consulted. Our community said that Living Your Best Life in Wyndham involves:

  • recognising, responding to and working with the diversity, intersectionality and disability within the Wyndham Community
  • recognising the middle years as a cohort
  • service accessibility and awareness.

In recognition of this, the Lifecourse Framework recognises the need for greater collaboration between internal and external stakeholders to deliver better community outcomes. It is designed to empower the community with the opportunities, resources and services needed to navigate a rapidly changing world.

Key outcomes across the life stages include:

  • Early Years - Wyndham families have access to services that support the capacity of the family through a range of targeted and integrated programs that respond to local community needs.
  • Middle Years - Wyndham’s middle years children are valued members of the Wyndham community and have access to and participate in quality services related to education, health and wellbeing, and social inclusion. Parents, carers and families can access the services they need to support the development of their middle years children.
  • Youth - Wyndham’s young people are engaged, empowered and connected members of the Wyndham community. They have access to a range of recreational, educational and employment opportunities which support their development and wellbeing.
  • Older People - Wyndham City is committed to creating a community in which older people are respected, can actively contribute and participate, and feel safe. Older people in Wyndham will have access to an integrated system of local supports and services that meet their needs and support ageing in place. 

Download Living Your Best Life In Wyndham: A Lifecourse Framework

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