In 2021, Wyndham City’s Gender Equality Steering Group was established to help develop the first Gender Equality Action Plan for our organisation.

The Wyndham City Gender Equality Action Plan outlines a range of strategies and measures that will be implemented to support gender equality in our workplace, based on a comprehensive assessment of our existing strengths and challenges. It recognises there are still opportunities to learn, build on our accomplishments and embed the principles of gender equality in our everyday ways of working. Gender equality, and our broader diversity and inclusion objectives, must continue to be prioritised.

Wyndham City is committed to improving workplace gender equality in alignment with the Victorian State Government Gender Equality Act 2020 (the Act). Under the Act, Council is required to:

  • take positive action towards achieving workplace gender equality, and
  • consider and promote gender equality in their policies, programs and services.

Gender equality refers to the equality of rights, opportunities, responsibilities and outcomes between persons of different genders. Gender equality is a basic human right, and everyone has the right to enjoy their lives without discrimination and with access to the same opportunities.

Workplace practices, policies and cultures can perpetuate gender inequality, but they can also drive and support change. Wyndham City has used data and evidence to develop strategies that will increase gender equality for women, men and gender diverse people across a range of workplace practices, conditions and policies.

Download: Gender Equality Action Plan

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