Street address
37A Thames Blvd, Werribee VIC 3030
Postal address
40 Brentwood Drive,
Werribee, VIC, 3030

MSG has been teaching Historical European Martial Arts in the West of Melbourne since 2003.
Our classes teach British and Italian swordsmanship styles, including unarmed, dagger, basket-hilted broadsword, longsword, smallsword, rapier as well as the spear and the use of shields. 

If you have an interest in period dramas like Outlander or Vikings, fantasy like Game of Thrones, movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or roleplaying games you might enjoy swinging swords with a group of sword nerds.

Our classes start at 7.30pm every Wednesday at the Westgrove Primary Gym with the first hour including children as young as 10, continuing at 8.30pm into a more indepth class for adults until 9.30pm.

Managed by
Not for Profit
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