Street address
29 Carruthers Drive, Hoppers Crossing
9748 9011

Cambridge Primary school is a large modern school with approximately 1010 students from over 46 cultural backgrounds. Established in 1992, the school is proud of its commitment to great educational outcomes, the welfare and safety of its students and community.

We pride ourselves on our academic achievements as well as wonderful behaviour that our students are known for. Cambridge Primary School provides a caring, supportive and challenging environment with a strong and supportive welfare approach to accommodate individual needs of the students and families.

Our students are very lucky to have such amazing opportunities for academic and personal growth here at Cambridge Primary School through the extensive extra-curricular program which allows our students to get involved in music, sport, chess, as well as participate in the camps and excursions program including a cultural camp to South Korea. This is an amazing opportunity for students to develop their intercultural capacity and to learn more about the world and about themselves.

Outside School Hours Care

Cambridge Primary School
Before & After School Hours Care Program and Vacation Care Program - catering for all Wyndham residents.
Program Contact: Cathy Lucifero 0422 561 078
School Contact: 9748 9011

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State Government
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