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Ausdirect Migration is a team of registered migration agents, headquartered in Victoria, Australia. Over the years, we have been providing high quality migration services to our clients all over the world and helped them realise their dream of migrating to Australia. Our services include employer sponsored visas, skilled visas, business visas, investment visas, family visas, student visas and AAT appeals etc.

At Ausdirect Migration, we have established a business strategy of operating as a Responsible Business with a focus on fulfilling our social responsibilities. We proudly see ourselves as a window of Australia, as a guide to our individual clients and their families to their new life in Australia, as a business adviser and promoter to local Australian business clients and those international entrepreneurs who have migrated to Australia with our help and have set up their new businesses here creating new jobs and extraordinary opportunities for our local communities.

We also work closely with State Governments in Australia, understanding the economic development needs of the states and the policies to attract international investors and entrepreneurs to invest in Australia, and also provide feedback to these migration programs. We have attracted millions of dollars of investments into our local economy and contributed the creation of local job opportunities. We have also successfully attracted many international talented professionals to Victoria and other states in different industries such ICT, Medical, International Trade, Tourism etc.

At Ausdirect Migration, we take pride in what we do. 

In 2019, we were very proudly nominated as a Finalist of the Wyndham Business Awards.

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