The Wyndham Youth Civic Participation Project is for people aged 18 – 25 with an interest in how the country is governed.

The project is for Wyndham’s aspiring lawyers, policy makers and community leaders who would like to see behind the curtain of Local, State and Federal politics and government.

Participants will have to opportunity to speak with Councillors, senior public servants, and council staff members, about the pressing issues of the day. Along with completing the program with like-minded young people, participants will also network with past project alumni.

The program will be based at the Youth Resource Centre in Hoppers Crossing, with the group also having the opportunity to visit various sites across Wyndham and take a trip to Parliament House in the CBD of Melbourne.


Project Dates

Block 1

Monday 5 September

9am – 8pm

Tuesday 6 September

9am – 5pm

Block 2

Monday 26th September

9am – 5pm

Tuesday 27th September

9am – 8pm

Block 3

Monday 24th October

9am – 5pm

Tuesday 25th October

9am – 8pm

Block 4

Monday 14th November

9am – 8pm

Tuesday 15th November

9am – 5pm

Dianella Community Centre, Tarneit

Monday 5th December

6pm - 9pm

For further information please contact Youth Services at 8734 1355 or email youthinwyndham@wyndham.vic.gov.au.

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