Parliament House

The Wyndham Youth Civic Participation Project is for people aged 17 – 25 with an interest in how the country is governed.

Participants will gain an insight into how bills are turned into laws, witness politicians debate live in the houses of Parliament and speak to senior public servants about the pressing issues of the day.

The project is for Wyndham’s aspiring lawyers, policy makers and community leaders who would like to see behind the curtain of local, state and federal politics and government.

Young people taking part in program

  • Khali Ali
  • Catherine De Luca
  • Badria Ibrahim
  • Ben Roper
  • Amgad Ajak
  • Sri Thivashia (Sasha) Sri Deenathayalan
  • Faisa Osman
  • Nyasha Bandama
  • Abdullahi Ahmed
  • Blake Jenner
  • Ma Nicole Bagatsing
  • Alexander Dalton

Project details



Announcement of winners

30 July 2020

Hear from senior Wyndham City Council staff, meet and have dinner with Wyndham City Councillors


Day at State Parliament


Four-day tour of Canberra, including Federal Parliament and the Australian War Memorial


Project evaluation


For further information please contact Youth Services at 8734 1355 or email

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