2 people laying on a beach reading.  A sign above saying Summer Reads (Just for you)

Enjoy some great adult reads this Summer with your own personalised reading list to help you find the perfect book to enjoy over the Summer break.

Complete the form linked below and tell us about your reading interests. We will choose 4 titles we think you will love and reserve them for you.

All you need to do is collect them from your favourite library, find your favourite reading spot, and enjoy!

Summer Reads (Just for You) is open from Thursday 1st December 2022 until Tuesday 31st January 2023. You will receive your reading recommendations within 7 working days.

If you are not a Wyndham Libraries member you can join now.

Fill out the form here

You can explore more great Summer reads on our Reading page: Something to Read

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a library member, can I participate?

Yes, all you need to do is join the library, it's free! Then complete the Summer Reads request form.


I am under 18, can I participate?

Summer Reads (Just for You) is aimed for adults 18+.

If you are looking for a kids or youth recommendation, please visit:

Kids Big Summer Read and Kids: What to Read (for ages 5-12)


Youth Book Reviews and Recommendations (for ages 13-18)


How many recommendations will I receive and what type?

You will receive four reading recommendations:

  • 2x read alike similar to the books you have enjoyed
  • A book by an Australian Author (based on preferences)
  • A wildcard
  • Small review of each title


What kinds of items will they be? Can you recommend eBooks?

You can tell us if you’d like to get books, eBooks, eAudio, Large Print, or talking books and we’ll find those for you. If you’ve asked to get eBooks or eAudio we can’t put them on reserve for you but we’ll let you know where they are so you can read them.


How will I receive my recommendations?  How long will it take?

After submitting your request form, our team will be hard at work to find your recommendations.  We will send your recommendations list within 7 days.  These recommendations will be sent to you via email.  If you don’t have an email address, we will call you to come and collect your list.  We will reserve your recommendations for you, and you will be notified when they are available for pick up.


I don’t have an email address; can I still participate?

Yes!  Ideally you would have an email address. If not, please visit or call your local library branch and a staff member will assist you.

Privacy Statement

Your personal information is being collected by Wyndham City Council for the purpose of submitting to Summer Reads (Just for You). Your personal information will be securely stored and used to contact you when communicating with Council. By submitting your application, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in with regards to Summer Reads (Just for You) outcomes. Your personal information will be handled in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and Council’s Privacy Policy.

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