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Quantin Binnah Community Centre

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    Contact Details:

    Address: 61 Thames Blvd, Werribee
    Phone: 9742 5040
    Fax: 9731 2699
    Centre Manager: Norman Arnold

    Facilities at Centre:

    • Hall and smaller rooms
    • Kitchen

    Available for hire (restrictions apply)

    General Description:

    Quantin Binnah Community Centre offers a wide range of activities and services for all ages in a friendly and welcoming environment that encourages community spirit to grow and be nurtured.

    Permanent Services:

    • Childcare
    • Before school, after school and vacation care
    • Kindergarten
    • Activity groups
    • Playgroups
    • Maternal & child health
    • Adult community education
    • Further education programs
    • Cafe QB

    Centre Programs:

    The Centre offers a small  range of adult courses such as Yoga and Belly Dancing.

    Quantin Binnah is fortunate enough to have a valuable community resource in Café QB.  Located at the front of the community centre, Café QB offers a welcoming space for local residents and families of QB with a place to eat for breakfast and lunch or for a special event catering.  Speak to Kim, our Chef at Café QB for further details - 9742 5040.

    For further updates and menus, please refer to our website