20 April 2015
Your Rates Showcase & Special Council Meeting
Come along to the ‘Your Rates Showcase’ and discover the range of local services that Council provide as well as ...
06 May 2015
The Martin and Lewis Show
The Martin & Lewis Show 70th Anniversary Tour
28 March 2015
Multicultural Race Day
What better way to enjoy your Saturday afternoon than at the Multicultural Raceday at Werribee.
Wyndham residents are encouraged to have their say on parking issues in the Werribee City Centre to help improve car parking in the area.
As a necessary part of the management of native grasslands, Wyndham City, in conjunction with an external contractor, will be undertaking a Controlled Burn Program within some of the open space reserves along Little River this autumn.
If 25 years ago someone had told you we’d have the world at our fingertips on pocket sized computers you’d have probably baulked at their wild imagination. But it’s ambition, vision and creativity like this that help drive society forward.