26 February 2015
The One Day of the Year
The One Day of the Year follows events that unravel after university student and ex-serviceman’s son, Hughie Cook, ...
12 January 2015
Holiday Action
Wyndham City Youth Services operates the Holiday Action teenage holiday program for two weeks each school holidays. ...
19 November 2014
YOUTH exhibition
An exhibition of work by young people of Wyndham including twelve schools and five yoing emerging local artists.
There will be no waste collections on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. The following changes have been made to the garbage, recycling and green waste collections during the Christmas/New Year period. Collections that are normally during:
You might be forgiven for thinking local artists would be taking respite this festive season but this is not the case as Wyndham City continues its program of activating the City’s emerging artistic and creative talent. Residents and visitors alike will b...
Wyndham residents will help shape the future development of the area’s parks, sportsgrounds, trails and natural areas through Wyndham City new Open Space Strategy.