20 October 2014
National Bird Week 2014
During national Bird Week, thousands of Australians will be found in backyards of all shapes and sizes spotting their...
26 October 2014
Children's Week Picnic
The 2014 Children's Week Picnic will feature the Looney Tunes Show! Bugs, Daffy and Tweety. They will also be availab...
16 November 2014
State Rose & Garden Show
One of Wyndham’s most spectacular venues, the State Rose Garden will be in full bloom with over 5,000 roses on disp...
Wyndham Mayor Bob Fairclough is urging residents to view a new online Election Scorecard before casting their vote in the State election, with Wyndham so far being excluded from any ‘big ticket’ election promises
On 8 November 2014, Wyndham City will have a Detox Your Home Mobile Collection coming to Hoppers Crossing. Reduce the risk of poisoning, pollution and bushfire hazards by dropping off your unwanted chemicals at this FREE chemical collection service.
Wyndham City has announced a new grants program designed to find ideas to improve the health of Wyndham’s residents. Wyndham’s Healthy Together grants funded by the State Government, offer local individuals and groups a chance to secure $5,000 each for ...