Wynnies Art Prize 2020


The Wynnies Art Prize is an annual kid’s art competition run by Wyndham Art Gallery in conjunction with its annual professional competition, the Wyndham Art Prize. Each year the Arts team hosts a series of free workshops at different pop-up parks and council run events where the kids are prompted to create portraits of a favourite person to be turned into a large, public artwork that’s displayed in downtown Werribee with the purpose of recognising the talent of Wyndham’s mini-masters and getting them engaged in the creative fabric of their community at a young age.

Open to children who are Wyndham residents and under 12 years old, this year the competition had over 170 entries with even more kids participating in the workshops or engaging remotely through the YouTube Tutorial.

Normally, we would be celebrating the winners with a launch party to unveil the public artwork but due to COVID-19 we’ve had to make some adjustments. Thankfully, we were able to get the display installed prior to stage 4, but we will not be able to celebrate with a launch event.

In lieu of a live event we have a digital, video launch of the public art display and the digital gallery by Mayor Josh Gilligan here and we hope you enjoy looking through the gallery of entries below.

We’d like to thank our Wynnies facilitators and decal designer for helping make this project possible. Thank you to our local artists Michelle Ripari, Lindsey Giroux, Ceardai Demelza, Madhubani Dutta and Carolyn-Warren Langford for running the workshops, you made it so fun for our mini-masters! A big thank you to Carla Gottgens for designing our fabulous public art display of Wynnies entries!

The Wynnies Art Prize is an annual kids’ engagement activity. The competition is currently closed but will re-open in November - so please check back then to learn about how you can get your own mini-master involved!

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