Accessibility Action Plan 2019-2022

The Accessibility Action Plan 2019-2022 was adopted by Wyndham City Council in February 2019. This Action Plan is our commitment to improve the access and inclusion of people with disability and carers in Wyndham.

There has been extensive consultation with community and employees at Council to identify opportunities to improve access, inclusion and participation of people with disability. These opportunities are identified in the Action Plan and over the next 3 years Wyndham City are committed to working with the community to implement these actions.

The Accessibility Action Plan 2019-2022  can be accessed here along with the Word version of the Plan.

For further information please contact

Jenny Watts-Sampson; Disability and Positive Ageing Planner

Phone: 03 9742 0777



Aged and Disability Service Access Policy

Aged and Disability Service Access Policy provides a framework to ensure there is equitable access to services for all Wyndham residents.

Community Engagement Framework & Model 2017 - 2021

The Wyndham City Community Engagement Framework supports Council staff to undertake engagement in a transparent and meaningful manner with the community. It outlines our commitment to the community with genuine opportunities to inform projects, strategies, decisions and services that affect them.

Importantly, this Framework provides a consistent and transparent approach for how Council designs and delivers its community engagement and supports and enables Council’s strategic commitment to improve community engagement at Wyndham.

Wyndham Family Friendly Charter

The Families Friendly City Charter is an initiative of Wyndham’s Family Friendly Portfolio Committee. It outlines the principles and guidelines to inform how Council and its partners work with and support families.

The charter is designed to be broader than a ‘child-friendly’ charter, an ‘age friendly’ charter. The Charter will recognize and focus on a diverse range of family groupings in Wyndham and the need to both target and support families with and without children and underlines the Council’s commitment to support families throughout their lifecourse.

Wyndham City will be a Family Friendly City where a broad range of life  experiences and opportunities encourage families to feel informed, valued, welcomed and empowered to live productive and positive lives; while being increasingly engaged in decisions affecting them.

For further details contact the Child and Youth Planning Officer on 9742 0777.

View the Wyndham Family Friendly City Charter

The Gambling Harm Minimisation Policy and Action Plan 2018-2022

Wyndham City has a longstanding commitment to reduce the harms of gambling, especially electronic gaming machines and recognises the cost to the community is not just a financial loss, but also has devastating impacts on the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and businesses.

The Gambling Harm Minimisation Policy and Action Plan 2018-2022 replaces Council’s two previous position statements, the Electronic Gaming Machine Policy adopted in 2010 and Wyndham City’s Responsible Gambling Strategy 2012-2014 adopted in 2012.

Developed from a public health perspective and based on best evidence and data, the policy seeks to minimise the impact of gambling on the Wyndham community; facilitate transparent and consistent responses to applications to relevant statutory authorities and work in partnership with service providers and residents to minimise gambling associated harm and advocate for policy and legislative change.

The Gambling Harm Minimisation Policy vision is to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of all Wyndham residents by preventing the harms associated with gambling and has the following goals:

  1. Advocate in partnership with community for systemic and legislative change to address gambling harm.
  2. To take a whole of organisation approach and partner with community in preventing and minimising gambling harm and promoting health and wellbeing.
  3. To enable community engaged and informed assessment of current and proposed gaming activity, particularly in the regulatory process.

In the 2016/2017 financial year Wyndham:

  • is ranked 8 of 70 LGAs for EGM losses in Victoria
  • has an average loss of $599 per adult
  • has total losses of $97.8 million

Key actions include:

  • Advocating to State Government for a regional cap on the number of EGMs across all of Wyndham
  • Opposing any new application for EGMs on Council owned or managed land
  • No gambling activity, promotion or advertising at any council facilities
  • Council will not provide any funding, grants or sponsorship for any activity that promotes gambling
  • Council staff will not hold events, activities or social outings in venues with EGMs
  • Work with venues that operate EGMs to reduce their reliance on gaming revenue.

The issues of gambling are a whole-of community responsibility, and we look forward to working with residents, local venues, service agencies, the Alliance for Gambling Reform and other stakeholders to improve the health and wellbeing of our community.

For further information contact Lucy Midolo Team Leader Community Health Wellbeing and Safety Tel: 9742 0863.

Download - The Gambling Harm Minimisation Policy and Action Plan 2018-2022


Growing Wyndham's Community Strength Policy and Framework

Wyndham is a city with many strengths. Our diverse people, organisations and businesses, and the skills, experiences and resources they bring, in combination with our local environment, make this community a great place to live, learn, work and play. Council commits to undertaking all Council business in ways which continue to strengthen our local communities through:

  • Building organisation
  • Building skills
  • Building equality
  • Building engagement
  • Building identity

The Growing Wyndham's Community Strength Policy and Framework further elaborates on how this commitment will be applied to Council business.

Multicultural Policy and Action Plan 2014 - 2018

Diverse people, One Community, Our Future is Council's new Multicultural Policy and Action Plan 2014-2018. This policy was developed in partnership with the community and applies to all Council departments and community members.

The Multicultural Policy purpose is to celebrate and support Wyndham’s diverse community to work together to create a cohesive and inclusive community now and into the future. The Policy addresses our rich diversity of culture, language and religion and aims to:

  • support and celebrate our multicultural community.
  • recognise and embrace leadership of all members of diverse communities.
  • strengthen access and responsiveness to our services for multicultural communities.
  • work in partnership with the community and organisations to respond to the opportunities and challenges of our diversity.

For information please contact Social Development on 9742 0777.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Wyndham City has taken a significant steps forward on the journey to reconciliation, with Council adopting the Reconciliation Action Plan at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 5 December 2017.

The City of Wyndham has a rich and vibrant Aboriginal history. Our vision for reconciliation is built on this history and core to Wyndham’s Statement of Commitment (2015) which set the framework for Council’s first Innovate RAP to be created. This two year Innovate RAP identifies how Council will respect, build relationships and create opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It will lead the way in developing processes and structures that pay respect to their peoples, cultures and lands.

The development of our RAP included extensive consultation with staff and Wyndham’s Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Community and has been formally endorsed by Reconciliation Australia who are the lead body for reconciliation in the nation.

For further details or to request a copy of the RAP contact Wyndham City's Senior Policy & Planning Officer on 9742 0777.

Statement of Commitment

On 27 April 2015, Council endorsed the Statement of Commitment. This Statement was was developed through targeted consultation with a broad range of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal stakeholders, including Traditional Owners.  It also involved an extensive consultation with Council staff across all Directorates.

The purpose of the Statement of Commitment is to formalise Wyndham City’s commitment to encourage greater understanding, acknowledgment, respect, inclusion and opportunities for Aboriginal people in this municipality. It commits Council to a range of principles and high-level actions.

Areas covered in the Statement of Commitment include:

  • The management of cultural heritage;
  • Building greater awareness, recognition and respect for Aboriginal culture in our community;
  • Increasing civic participation of Aboriginal people at all levels;
  • Combatting racism and discrimination experienced by Aboriginal people;
  • Advocating to improve justice, health, education and housing outcomes for Aboriginal people;
  • And creating culturally safe and accessible places. 

This Statement of Commitment lays the foundation for the development of a four year Reconciliation Action Plan which will detail practical actions to deliver on these high-level commitments.

Wyndham City will work inclusively and in partnership with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people across this City to achieve the whole range of commitments made in this Statement of Commitment.

For further details contact Wyndham City's Senior Policy & Planning Officer on 9742 0777.

Wyndham Learning Community Strategy (2014 - 2017)

Wyndham Council has a substantial history of supporting community learning, having developed its first learning strategy in 2006 followed by the 2010 – 2013 strategy.

Given the fast changing face of Wyndham, the increasing diversity and expanding population base, the City considers education and learning is a priority for the Wyndham community into the future.

The Wyndham Learning Community Strategy has been developed through engagement with a group of 44 dedicated community representatives called The Forum. People were selected and specifically invited to join the Forum based on two key factors (1) gaining people who represented both organisations and community members and (2) people who were involved in each of the four life-stages of learning (early years, school years, young adults and adults). In addition, people were involved from every suburb in Wyndham and across all age ranges.

Wyndham Municipal Early Years Plan 2013-2017

Wyndham City recognises that strong cohesive communities that support and encourage healthy families are critical to ensuring the wellbeing of the whole community, now and into the future.

Programs for children and families in Wyndham are provided by a diverse range of local agencies, schools and community organisations.

The 2013-2017 Municipal Early Years Plan (MEYP) was developed in partnership with children, families and a broad range of local agencies and will facilitate a whole of community approach to the planning and delivery of services for children and families in Wyndham.

Wyndham Youth Plan 2013-2017

The Wyndham Youth Plan 2013-2017 provides a central reference point for the  planning and provision of services for young people aged between 12 and 25 years of age.

It is designed to:

  • inform service planning processes
  • support advocacy and partnership work
  • act as a catalyst for consistent multi-agency planning across Wyndham to enhance Wyndham as a place for young people to live well.

It has been developed in collaboration with young people and local agencies.

For further information on the Youth Plan, contact: Coordinator, Youth Services Tel:  8734 1355.

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