The Wyndham Aquatic Strategy 2015 provides a review and update of the 2011 Strategy, taking into account the significant work which has been undertaken in the redevelopment of the Wyndham Leisure and Events Centre (WLEC, now known as Aquapulse), continued significant levels of population growth, the infrastructure and road network changes and current or proposed aquatic facility developments within both Wyndham and in neighbouring municipalities.

In preparing this Strategy, aquatic services are defined as those traditionally provided by local government in either outdoor or indoor venues. The aquatic or pool elements generally accommodate all popular water based activities such as swimming, learn to swim and family ‘fun’ activity. However, communities have become more demanding for related and diverse fitness and health opportunities such as gyms, group exercise opportunities and allied health services. Personal fitness programmes, which combine lap swimming and weight training, are widely accepted. When combined with either occasional childcare or other concurrent children’s activities such as swim lessons, the ‘product’ on offer is attractive to family leisure and health expectations.

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