1-21 Cheetham Street
Point Cook
VIC 3030
D & A Education
Contact (03) 9369 9499 7-11 Wallace Avenue Point Cook, Vic 3030.



D & A Education

Kinder Dance: A specially designed dance and movement class for children age ranges between 3-5years promoting growth, activity and shared experience as well as teaching students’ basic ballet, jazz and hip hop technique. Phonics-Teaching students to read and pronounce words by learning the usual sound of letters, letter groups and syllables. Kinder Music- Introducing students to different musical instruments with a designed program to get kids excited about music and teach them basic music knowledge. Play & Learn- A course that intergrades both English & Maths into the 1 hour lesson.

Students complete hands on task specifically designed to introduce them to basic English and Mathematical skills. Magic’s- Our magic’s program uses STEAM Education to introduce students to Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. Students will have access points for guided inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. Art & Craft- This is a class for students to get hands on and creative. Our art & craft program is designed to spark creativity out of our students and teach them different artistic skills.

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