Building a Culturally Competent Organisation

Whether an organisation is small or big, is community based or government run, all organisations operate in a culturally diverse environment and need to have the ability to interact with this ever-changing landscape.

Through a series of group exercises and discussions, this interactive and thought-provoking program will enhance the organisation’s skills to take steps towards building a culturally competent organisation.

Topics include:
» Realising why cultural competency is important and how it relates to the Human Rights Principles
» Testing and challenging the most common misconceptions about culture
» Understanding one’s own culture and story
» Being conscious of cultural sensitivity; awareness and safety
» Broadening the scope of cultural vision both internally and externally
» Taking fundamental steps towards building and maintaining a culturally competent organisation

Who should attend this session:Community members, clubs, groups and volunteers.

Date and time

Online via MS Teams

Wyndham City



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