Congratulations to the following winners of the 2019 "W" Factor Youth Talent Competition held on 8 June 2019:

  • 12-17 years: Afro Fever
  • 18-15 years: Akhil Kata
  • Overall Winner: Marina Moretti

W Factor Youth Talent Competition is a competition to show case Wyndham’s young people. The competition is open for all young people aged between 12-25 who live, work or study within Wyndham.


  • Music Solo            
  • Music Group
  • Dance solo
  • Dance group
  • Other (e.g. magician etc)


  • 12-17 age group prize: $500 
  • 18-25 age group prize: $500 
  • Overall winner prize: $1000 

WFactor Competition Performer Playing Times

The following times are the playing times for each performing Contestant for WFactor 2019 Competition. 

ALL performers must all be checked in at least 30 minutes before your playing time. You must provide your USB/Ipod fully charged with track name , track number, performer name and lock code.

These will be securely placed with the technician.


5.15pm: MC welcome and house keeping

5.20pm: Contestant 1 Childish - Sweet child of mine, 5 piece band                                            

5.30pm: Contestant 2 Martina Moretti solo singer                                            

5.40pm: Contestant 3 Sophia Acinue Drum solo                                 

5.50pm: Contestant 4 Why Try - Scars to Your Beautiful Vocal Trio Group                                              

6pm: Contestant 5 Anastasia Kusmawan -Tiberus Guitar solo

6.10pm: Contestant 6 Daniel VasquezSinger solo

6.10-6.25 BREAK                              

6.25pm: Contestant 7 Joel Kee - Monologue "Curse of the Starving Class" 1.5 minute theatre monologue               

6.35pm: ontestant 8 Max Makubalo - original song Solo guitarist                               

6.45pm: Contestant 9 Akhil Kata                Rap song                                            

6.55pm: Contestant 10 Karen Shar Singer solo                                    

7.05pm: Contestant 11 Afro fever Hip hop dance group

7.15pm: Guest performer Saskia Wardlaw Ex-Wfactor Winner



Entry Requirements

  1. Places are limited so get in early.
  2. Past winners can compete but are not eligible for prizes
  3. No illicit language.
  4. Drug and alcohol free event.
  5. Appropriate clothing to be worn.
  6. No political, religious, racism or sexually explicit material allowed.
  7. Entry is free.
  8. All acts must adhere strictly to their performance time.
  9. Maximum time limit is 5 minutes for each performance.
  10. All performing applicants must live, work or study in Wyndham and be aged between 12-25 years.
  11. The judging panel’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  12. Consent to photographs and filming of the event by Wyndham City staff to be used in newspaper articles and Wyndham City Youth Services promotional materials.
  13. Providing misleading information may result in disqualification
  14. If the event is cancelled there will be a rescheduled date
  15. All performances with backing tracks are required to provide these with their (ipod/phone etc) to the sound technician at least 60 minutes prior to performance (with the CD, USB Stick, Phone or iPod).It must be Fully charged (if required) with information of lock code, track name/numberandPerformanceName). If this is not supplied performers may miss their place. These will be securely placed under stage manager/sound tech supervsion.
  16. Youth services cannot store additional props/instruments etc, before or after the event. These must be brought with you & taken with you on the night. They must also be small enough to fit through a normal door.
  17. The Winner will be announced on the day of the competition and also via the Youth Services Website by Friday 21 June 2019.
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