Wyndham City Council is taking steps to position Werribee as the Capital of Melbourne’s West. Council, in a series of public/private partnerships, is developing key sites across the City Centre, and in Council-led projects, redeveloping existing assets.

Collectively, these projects will deliver more employment, housing, boost liveability, increase car parking, and strengthen the local economy.

Independent analysis has found that these key developments will boost Wyndham’s economy by $465 million.

Together, these projects will deliver:

  • 1,600 jobs, both through construction and ongoing
  • 1,690 parking spaces
  • 16,400 sqm of office space
  • 2,800 sqm of retail and hospitality space
  • 300 residential apartments
  • 150-bed Holiday Inn hotel
  • A new Integrated Community Learning Centre
  • A new childcare centre

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Wyndham Park Redevelopment

A redeveloped Wyndham Park which will improve connections between the park, river and City Centre, making it a place for the entire community to enjoy.


Located at the corner of Synnott Street and Duncans Road, this site will be home to a brand-new Holiday Inn hotel, as well as office, retail and hospitality space.

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A nine-storey development at the corner of Cherry Street and Kelly Street, which will be home to office space, a child care centre, and 800 car parks.

River Edge

Two car parks on Comben Drive in Werribee will become the site of apartment buildings, retail and hospitality space, and a new community learning centre.

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Bridge Hotel

An exciting boutique destination in the City Centre, crucial to our plan to rejuvenate the area, while celebrating the venue’s rich history.

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