Ripple (2015) – Louise Lavarack

The creamy white walls of the new Saltwater Community Centre evoke the local landscape. They undulate around the architectural spaces of the building, like wind-sifted sand slipping through dune grass

Point Cook

Tree (1997) - Jackie Staude

Everyone is familiar with the tree. It is one of the most recognised shapes in the world. Children draw trees soon after they represent the human figure.


Untitled (2007)

My intentions for this project were to produce a bold sculpture with a strong organic feel and components that held meaning to the region. 

Wyndham Vale

Untitled Fountain (2000) - Helen Bodycomb

The stainless steel sculpture is the central focus of the fountain, taking its form from an inverted red gum tree root system. River red gums proliferate along the banks of Werribee River.

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