This Girl Can week - a week where women celebrate what they can do.

We’re celebrating what girls and women do, celebrating trying new activities/ having a go, celebrating having fun with friends, celebrating how amazing girls and women’s bodies are, celebrating supporting each other.

We want to empower girls and women to be comfortable in their bodies and in public spaces. Girls and women should be able to be active whenever, wherever and however they choose, without being judged for how they look, what they are doing or for how they prioritise their time.

This week we want to celebrate that Wyndham Girls Can through encouraging Wyndham girls and women to try out a new activity or something they haven’t done for a while (check out what our community partners are offering below).

We are calling girls and women who are active to celebrate with each other and inspire others to get involved by sharing how sport and physical activity makes you feel on social media, tag #ThisGirlCanVic and #WyndhamGirlsCan





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