Wyndham street party

At Wyndham City we are proud of where we come from, enjoy making new friends and love to have a good time.

A new way to celebrate what’s great about our city is to have a Wyndham Street Party - a get together with your neighbours in your own local street.

A Street Party can be a fun way to meet your neighbours for the first time or a great reason to catch up with old friends. Street Parties are casual events where neighbours can enjoy conversation, share stories, make introductions, share a meal, listen to music or play some games.

Wyndham Street Parties is a pilot program that will be open from March 30 2019 until March 30 2020, after which an evaluation of the program will be conducted.

What is a Street Party?

A street party is not like a festival, or fete – it’s a small-scale party organised by residents for neighbours in their street using front yards, footpaths or the road.

They are:

  • Maximum of 4 hours duration
  • Where food and fun is shared freely
  • consented to by at least 75% of your neighbours
  • Where a maximum of 150 people in your street have been invited
  • Up to 200 metres in length
  • Where children are supervised by their guardians
  • Non-commercial, non-profit, non-political and non-fundraising
  • Where local laws and neighbourhood amenity are respected
  • Registered with Council at least four weeks in advance
  • Where resident organiser/s lead preparation on the day and clean up.
  • Held between specific hours to ensure noise does not affect your neighbours

If you decide to hold your party on the street, a road closure will be required. As part of your Street Party Application you will be asked to submit a plan of where you would like to close your street. More information about applying for a road closure can be found in the Resident Organiser’s Guide, or by speaking with the Street Party Liaison Officer.

When can I hold a Street Party?

The Environment Protection Act 1970 (Vic) requires noise to be controlled so that it does not affect your neighbours. As such, Wyndham Street Parties can only be held within the hours of:

  • Monday – Thursday, 7am to 10pm
  • Friday, 7am to 11pm
  • Saturday and public holidays, 9am to 11pm
  • Sunday, 9am to 10pm

What insurance will I need to apply for a Street Party?

Public liability insurance cover is essential to host a street party in Wyndham. You will need to provide a certificate of currency for public liability insurance when you submit your Street Party Application. Your coverage will need to be for a minimum of $20 million per single event. You can apply to seek reimbursement for the cost of this insurance, up to $350, upon completion of the party.

Interested in planning a Street Party in your neighbourhood?

Wyndham City has introduced a new application process and helpful how-to-guide to assist residents to host safe, fun, family-friendly get togethers in their neighbourhood that everyone can enjoy.

You can pick up a copy of the Resident Organiser’s Guide and the Street Party Application Form from your local Community Centre, have it mailed out to you or download it below. 

Other support for your Street Party

Neighbourhood Grants

If your local community needs some funds to support people attending your local Street Party you could apply for a Neighbourhood Grant of up to $500. The funds must be expended on items directly relating to the Street Party and successful applicants will need to submit an acquittal of monies spent to Council after the event – with receipts.

For more information on Neighbourhood Grants or to access the application form and guidelines, go to Smarty Grants

Consumption of Liquor in a Public Place Permit

Street Party organisers and participants should note that the consumption of alcohol in a public place is controlled under Wyndham City’s Community Amenity Local Law (2015). Consumption of alcohol in a public place is not permitted without a permit.

You can apply for a Consumption of Liquor in a Public Place Permit as part of the Street Party application process. You do not have to apply for this permit if you do not wish to have alcohol consumed at your Street Party.

To download the ‘Consumption of Liquor in a Public Place Permit’ form, click here.

If you have any enquires or would like to book a possible date, please contact the Street Party Liaison Officer on streetparties@wyndham.vic.gov.au or 9742 0777.

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