Smart City technology and innovation is expanding possibilities and delivering immense value for cities and communities around the globe.

For the City of Wyndham, developing a dedicated Future City Strategy is an opportunity to investigate new possibilities, modernise our services and infrastructure, and promote innovation in our community.

Here are a few examples of smart city projects from within Wyndham and around the world, to help start the discussion.

Smart Planning and 3D Models


Virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) can be used to change the way citizens can understand property development proposals and construction projects. New technologies can be used to view proposals, improve city planning outcomes and promote community co-creation.

Smart street-lights

Upgrade of lights to LED and smart controllers are delivering huge savings in energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions while also improving amenity and safety for the community.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking

Sensors and communications networks provide real time information about parking availability to make it easier for citizens to find parking when and where they need it.

Open data

Smart Cities are fuelled by access to data, and governments have some of the most valuable data sets, often not easily available to the public.  Opening up government data supports innovation, participation, research and transparency.

Smart Sensors

The use of small sensors and big data analytics are allowing councils to optimise service delivery such as waste collection, drain maintenance and tree health. Each with different purposes and benefits. The monitoring of environmental factors using rainfall, temperature, pollution and UV sensors is also very popular.

Digital Art

There are many examples of city information being presented to citizens through art. These installations not only express identity but can present key information such as air quality through artistic medium.

Digital Utility Meters and Smart Infrastructure

Smart water/gas/electricity meters provide real-time information to citizens and utilities, allowing the community to better manage energy and water consumption, and reducing the cost of metering.

Urban (‘Living’) Innovation Labs

Urban (‘Living’) Innovation Labs promote testing of innovative technology and services on the streets of the city itself.  Living labs in leading cities like Barcelona, Copenhagen, San Francisco and Seoul are being used by local innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs to trial and evaluate new solutions and ideas to help drive economic growth and better city.

Digital Democracy

Digital technology is a powerful platform for deeper and broader conversations between citizens and governments.  Global trends including mobile voting, participatory budgeting, crowdfunding projects and online consultation forums are providing greater opportunities for citizens to have their say, and help co-create the cities they want to live in.

Innovation/smart working hubs

High-speed connectivity makes the world our office and our marketplace.  Dedicated and shared spaces for remote working and innovation can help to retain and increase employment in cities, and generate new local products and services for national and international markets.

Internet of Things networks

New (narrow band) communications networks, are driving innovation in collection of data, research, collaboration and real time information.  By way of example, sensors that measure soil moisture, which talk to the narrow-band communications network, can be used to optimise watering of trees and gardens.

Digital literacy programs

Digital inclusion is critical to maximising and sharing the benefits of the digital revolution.  Free public wi-fi, digital training sessions, and online-safety courses help to ensure everyone in the community can participate and benefit.

Drones and other surveillance tools


The deployment of camera systems including unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) is becoming widespread - from managing weed infestation to locating dumped rubbish they help maintain city amenity.

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