Wyndham City’s Youth Services team offer free school and community engagements to introduce your group to Youth Services and the programs, support and events we offer.

Suitable for ages 12 – 25 years, we provide engagement sessions through centre tours, lunchtime engagement or attendance of the Street Surfer Bus at your location.

These sessions can be tailored to specific year levels or group of people such as Grade 6’s moving into high school, with delivery in a school setting, community space or at our Youth Resource Centre.

Please Note: These are all face to face engagement, however will be based upon state government and local government direction. If changes occur we will notify you and we can postpone your engagement date.

In a circumstance where we are in an extended lockdown, we can look to make adjustments as necessary such as attending an online assembly or group session.

Please take time to read through the COVID-19 social distancing safety measures in place and school/community group responsibilities below.

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COVID-19 School & Community Group Responsibilities

  • We require at least 2 x responsible adults physically present during the engagement delivery, depending on ration requirements.
  • School staff are responsible for sanitation & applying social distancing measures (1.5m distance)
  • Youth Services staff will provide any technology and material required for the engagement session.  


Tour of the Youth Resource Centre

We are offering the option to have your group of young people come to the Youth Resource Centre for a face-to-face tour, short presentation and recreational time.

This tour will show the young people the spaces we have available for their use as well as the programs and supports we offer on site. The young people will have the opportunity to meet Youth Services staff and engage in a face-to-face capacity.

Depending on the group of young people, we are able to make adjustments as necessary.

Please note, transport to the Youth Resource Centre is covered and organised by the Youth Services team.

Street Surfer Bus

We are also offering the option to have our Wyndham Street Surfer Bus to attend your location that will involve recreational time on the bus with our Youth Services staff.

The Wyndham Street Surfer Bus is a state-of-the-art mobile youth information service that provides young people with the tools they need to enjoy healthy, active and fulfilling lives.

It is fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment, including WiFi, music and DJ equipment, gaming consoles, art equipment, sports equipment including a mobile basketball ring and soccer goals, and five LCD screens inside and an outdoor LCD screen which can be utilised for gaming and movies, and more.

It’s also a place where young people can build their skills through recreational and educational workshops, and a safe space where they can engage with our Youth Services team and access information, advice, support and referrals.

Please Note: The booking with the Street Surfer Bus will be made by Youth Services team on your behalf and no cost is involved.

Lunchtime Engagement

We are offering the opportunity for our Youth Services team to set up a stall or run an activity at your school or community group where young people can engage and be involved in a fun activity to promote the programs and services we offer.

This engagement can be tailored to the needs of your group or can be tailored for an event.

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