Are you aged 12 – 25 and asking yourself the big questions?

You may be pondering: ‘Do worms have friends?’, ‘What do the Somali and Italian languages have in common?’ and ‘How do I seek help for my mental health?’

The answers to all these questions and more can be found by tuning into Wyndham City Youth Service’s fortnightly podcast. In each half-hour episode Council’s Youth Services team share some fun facts, chat with Wyndham locals and interview a range of outreach professionals.

Tune in to hear useful advice for dealing with the challenges posed by COVID-19 and to brighten your day. The podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Buzzsprout and below. You can also find links to all resources mentioned in each episode.

Episode 7

This episode we interview Local artist John Mathet about his journey. Cookie and Jon talk about all the creative things they have been doing during this lockdown and helpful tips on how to get into the creative world. Nunz and Ebyan are back with some light-hearted entertainment. 


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Episode 6

Join us for Episode Six to reflect on highlights of the podcast so far and a chat with Wyndham local and winner of the July One Wyndham Yong Person of the Month Award Logan Tapuala.

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Episode 5

This episode Blanca interviews our counsellors Anth & Rosie who talk to us about dealing with change and how to access our counselling service!

Nunz and Ebyan share hilarious stories with Have You Ever? Jon previews his Kick Back Quiz.

Plus Cookie and Micaela get and bit random deep, with their talk about the universe!

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Episode 4

In this episode we conclude the epic interview with Brett & Tanya from the Q Program! We also have a chat with Ross our social media guy about the taste of water! Plus, Cookie and Micaela play a word game, and Jon talks self-care.

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Episode 3

In this episode we're joined by Blake from Youth Task Force talking all things Nintendo! Nunz and Ebyan talk cultural weddings and for the main event, Jordon interviews Brett and Tanya from Wyndham City’s Youth Services about the Q Program and how to better understand and communicate with the LGBTIQA community!

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Episode 2

This episode we talk chickens, respect, drum jokes and how some languages are same, same but different. Leah interviews TJ from headspace Werribee about what's on offer for young people in the area and what he has been doing to keep a good head space. 

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Episode 1

This episode we talk about worms, strange facts and riddles. We also interview Matt Astbury from Council’s Community Hubs team about the Tarneit Community Learning Centre, and how he started his career as a youth volunteer.

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