Recycling - Light Globe

Take charge of your household recycling with our handy household guide. Get to know your soft plastics from your hard, and find out exactly what to do with light globes, batteries, CDs and mobile phones.

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Changes to your Bin

Wyndham City is joining the war on waste! On July 1, 2018 we will be introducing new 120 litre garbage bins with a red lid.

This change means we are consistent with Australian standards, while also supporting our goal of 90% waste diversion from landfill by 2040.

We’re aiming to begin changing all remaining yellow lid bins by 2020.

We have also reduced the price of our green organics collections to $75 per year and we also offer discount on worm farms and compost bins.

Recycling  Hard Plastics

Hard Plastics

Its time to harden up, and get real about plastics recycling.

Accepted items for the recycling bin include biscuit & cake trays, bottle tops, cleaning bottles, deodorant cans, ice cream containers, insect spray bottles, medicine bottles, beauty containers, bottles, crockery, plastic plant pots, plastic toys (no batteries), punnets, shampoo & conditioner bottles, takeaway containers, Tupperware & yogurt containers.

Recycling - Metal


Take these metal heads out for a spin in your recycling bin!

Accepted items for the recycling bin include aerosol cans, spray cans (empty), aluminium cans, trays and foil, deodorant cans, foil lined oven trays, pots & pans & tin cans (including tuna, pet food, etc.).

recycling - paper

Paper and Cardboard

Welcome these treehuggers into your recycling bin

Accepted items for the recycling bin include advertising material, cereal & biscuit boxes, egg cartons, envelopes, greeting cards, magazines, milk cartons, newspaper, office paper, pizza boxes, takeaway containers, toilet rolls, washing powder boxes & wrapping paper.

recycling - glass


Think you feel bad after a few bottles? How about the planet? Remember to recycle right after a big night.

Accepted items for the recycling bin include bottles, glass (broken – wrap in newspaper) & jars (jam, coffee, sauce, etc.).  No broken window panes or bakeware (e.g. Pyrex) glass to be put into the recycling bin.

recycling - garbage


Don’t let these bad eggs lead your recyclables astray.

Accepted items for the garbage bin include bread bags, chip packets, cigarette butts, cling wrap, ceramic crockery (broken), coffee pods, dog poo, foam meat trays, food waste, nappies, plastic bags, polystyrene, pyrex, rubber, smoke alarms (no batteries), tissues & paper towel, toothpaste tubes, textiles (in bad condition) & wrappers.

recycling - green waste

Green Waste

Fruit and vegetable scraps want in on the compost party.

Accepted items for the Green Waste bin include branches, fruit & vegetable scraps, grass, leaves & weeds.

recycling - electrical waste

Electrical Waste

Everyone deserves a second chance. Add a little spark today.

Drop off your electrical waste in the appropriate container at the Transfer Station, 470 Wests Road, to have it recycled for free.

Accepted items for the Transfer Station include appliances, computers & accessories, electrical waste, printers & TVs.

recycling - hard waste

Hard Waste Collection

Broken, bulky items weighing you down? Schedule time for a little pick-me-up

Accepted items for Hard Waste pick up include electrical waste, furniture, green waste, mattresses, plastics & whitegoods.

Whether you own or rent, all Wyndham households are eligible for two free hard waste pick-ups each year. Book by calling 9742 0777 three weeks in advance.

recycling - recycling stations

Community Recycling Stations

Lead the recycling charge in your household.

Find your closest Recycling Station

Accepted items for the Community Recycling Stations include batteries, CDs & DVDs, light globes, mobile phones & printer cartridges. There are 5 across the municipality.

recycling - compost

Compost Bins & Worm Farms

Cut your garbage in half today.

Join Compost Revolution

Join Compost Revolution, and receive a discounted worm farm or compost bin delivered to your door. 

Accepted items include most fruit & vegetable scraps, newspaper & paper towel, egg shells, leaves, coffee grounds & tea bags.

recycling - set free

Set your recycling free!

If you put your recycling in plastic bags it will end up in landfill. Don’t waste your efforts. Keep your recycling loose.

recycling - don't sweat

Don’t sweat over the state of your recycling

You don’t need to rinse your recycling, just clear items of food.

Set your recycling free!

Scrap that

Recycling in Wyndham


Terms and Conditions – Compost Awareness Week

Competition closes on 5pm Friday 18 May. Prize is an Eco Polo 300lt Compost Bin RRP $99.00
Prize is not transferable for cash and is not replaceable if lost or stolen.
One competition entry per person only. Staff and family members of Wyndham City Council are ineligible to enter.
The winner will be selected at random  
The competition will be drawn at the Wyndham Civic Centre, 45 Princes Highway, Werribee on Monday 21 May and the winner will be notified by email.
For further details contact the Waste Strategy Unit on 9742 0777.

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