Chagnes to Bin

It’s important that your recycling bin and green waste bin are placed out on the correct day, as they are collected on alternate weeks. 

You will need to place your bins out before 6am on the day of collection. You will need to place you bins 1 metre apart from each other and clear of trees, light and power poles, parked vehicles and driveways. If you live in a court, place your bins on the straight section of the road near the court.

Find your bin collection days

MyWyndham allows you to find out your garbage, recycling and green waste collection day.

To use My Wyndham:

  • Click on the button below and enter your address.
  • To find your bin collection dates click on the icon displayed at your address

Find my bin collection days

You can also download Waste Collection Calendar & Map to find out what day your collection is scheduled.

Please note bins will not be collected on Good Friday, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.  Scheduled collection for these days and the rest of the week will occur one day later.

Garbage Bin - What you can and can't put in your bin

Your garbage bin is 120L or 140L in size with a red or yellow lid and is collected weekly.  This bin is for waste items which cannot be reused or recycled.

Items you can place into your garbage bin include:

  • Flexible Plastics
  • Nappies
  • Polystyrene/Foam
  • Broken Crockery
  • Food Scraps (if you do not have a green bin, worm farm or compost bin)

Do not place the following items in your garbage bin:

  • Car parts
  • Rocks, soil, green waste
  • Building materials
  • Recyclables

Waste that is put into the garbage bin is taken to landfill where it is buried and compressed underground. It is important to recycle as much as possible to ensure these natural resources aren’t lost and are used to create new products instead. For more information check out our Waste and Recycling Guide.

Filling Your Bin

When filling your bins do not:

  • Push the waste in so hard that it becomes jammed and difficult to empty
  • Overfill your bins so that the lid remains open

Once emptied, please collect and return to your home.

Changes to your Garbage Bin - new 120 litre garbage bins with a red lid

Wyndham City is joining the war on waste! On July 1, 2018 introduced a new 120 litre garbage bins with a red lid.

This change means we are consistent with Australian standards, while also supporting our goal of 90% waste diversion from landfill by 2040.

We’re aiming to begin changing all remaining yellow lid bins by 2020.

We have also reduced the price of our green organics collections to $75 per year and we also offer discount on worm farms and compost bins.

Changes to Garbage Bins

Green Waste Bin & Kitchen Caddy

Your green waste bin is 240L bin in size with a green lid and is collected fortnightly. This is an optional service with an annual fee, to order a green waste bin visit Bin Requests. Green waste is transformed into rich compost at Veolia’s composting facility in Bulla. This compost is used in parks and gardens in Wyndham. Learn more about this process at Back to Earth.

Users of a green bin can have a FREE kitchen caddy, they are a great way to separate fruit and vegetable scraps in the kitchen. Just visit Wyndham Civic Centre or Point Cook and Tarneit Community Learning Centres to pick one up. There are only a limited number of caddies left so get in quick.

Recycle Right

Its time to take charge of your household recycling! Get to know your soft plastics from your hard plastics. Find out the low down on coffee cups, and exactly what to do with light globes, batteries, CDs and mobile phones. Its all here on our new Recycle Right page.

Find out how to Recycle Right

Download our handy household guide

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