Identity, Inclusion and Connection Grants are expected to contribute to a sense of community identity, inclusion and connectedness between Wyndham residents, and to building a resilient community that supports good mental health and emotional wellbeing.

It is anticipated that projects will deliver outcomes such as: community members freely and respectfully expressing, celebrating and sharing their identities and perspectives with each other, and having an increased appreciation of the diverse perspectives, experiences and histories that make up the Wyndham community. 

  • Max project duration: 12 months
  • Max grant amount: $5,000
  • Min applicant contribution: $1 in cash or in-kind for every $2 in grant funding
  • Round frequency: 3 times each year
  • Eligible applicants: Not -for-profit groups/organisations

Typical Projects

Projects that build a sense of community identity, inclusion and connectedness between Wyndham residents, such as:

  • Development of an arts-focused social activity group
  • Cultural festivals promoted to the wider community
  • Projects which reduce isolation amongst specific groups
  • A life skills program for disengaged young people.

Case Study

Over the previous months asylum seekers from Sri Lanka have been settled in Wyndham while awaiting the outcome of their asylum claims. New legislation has meant that they are not eligible for work and many asylum seekers report that they feel isolated and disconnected from the community.

Two men approach a local community service organisation with an idea for a Sri Lankan cultural celebration. The local organisation works with Wyndham City officers to discuss the feasibility of the event and then applies for an Identity, Inclusion and Connections Grant.

A planning group is formed with the Sri Lankan men leading the organisation with input from Wyndham City and the service organisation. The event is held and attended by 120 people from the Sri Lankan community as well as a broad range of community leaders, settlement professionals and Wyndham City.

In the evaluation of the event it is noted that the cultural festival is also celebrated by people from Bangladesh and parts of India and plans are made to widen the event for people from those countries in future years.

Expected Outcomes

Projects are expected to contribute to one or more of the following outcomes:

  • People freely and respectfully express, celebrate and share their identities and perspectives with each other
  • People have an increased appreciation of the diverse perspectives, experiences and histories that make up communities in Wyndham
  • People have increased networks and feel supported by family, friends and neighbours.
  • Arts projects demonstrate a clear creative or art form specific outcome

Assessment Criteria and Weighting Percentage

  • Extent to which the project activities are likely to contribute toward one or more expected outcome(s) 50%
  • Demonstrated applicant intent, capacity and readiness to deliver the project 30%
  • An effective and appropriate approach to attracting participants and project partners 20%


You will make an initial enquiry and/or attend a grants session or workshop, and then you may discuss the project with a Wyndham City Officer. Your application must be submitted by the closing date and before the project commences. After each application is assessed for eligibility and completeness, further information and clarification may be requested.

The assessment panel considers all applications and makes their recommendation based on budget availability. When the grants are approved, you will be advised of the result in writing.

The initial grant payment is made within 30 days of you returning a signed agreement and commencing the project. Submission of a final report at the completion of the project is required.

Step 1: Read the Community Grants Guidelines.

Step 2: Prepare any documentation to support your application and if you need assistance contact Wyndham City’s Grants Team.

Step 3: Apply

If you get stuck completing your application, please contact Wyndham City’s Grants Team for assistance on 9742 0926 or email

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