Community Strengthening Grants are expected to strengthen the capacity of community members and community groups to participate in community life and to increase community resilience that supports good mental health and emotional wellbeing.  This grant is aimed at building: community organisations, people's skills, equality within the community, community engagement and involvement, and a sense of identity and belonging in Wyndham.

It is anticipated that funding a range of capacity building projects will achieve community strengthening outcomes at both community and group/organisation levels.

Typical Projects

Projects that strengthen the capacity of citizens and community groups to participate in community life, including:

  • Leadership development projects within an organisation or the broader community
  • Projects which increase the diversity of volunteers and participants
  • Research and strategic planning projects which provide direction to an organisation
  • Projects which develop an organisations capabilities in the community
  • Projects which give people a voice within their community – e.g. running focus groups or forums
  • Arts projects which clearly articulate a community strengthening or community cultural development outcome

Expected Outcomes

Projects are expected to deliver one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Building community organisations
  • Building people’s skills
  • Building equality amongst people
  • Building engagement and involvement
  • Building a sense of identity and belonging.


Projects will be assessed against the assessment criteria relevant to each grant in order to maximise community benefit. Feedback from the assessment panel on the funding submission will be offered to all applicants.

Wyndham City staff can provide advice to unsuccessful applicants on other options that may be available to support their project activities or other funding bodies to seek support from.


Step 1: Download and read the Community Grants Guidelines.

Step 2: Prepare any documentation to support your application and if you need assistance contact Wyndham City’s Grants Team.

Step 3: Apply

If you have any enquiries completing your application, please contact Wyndham City’s Grants Team for assistance on 9742 0926 or email

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