Community Pathways Scholarships provide support for sports people, artists, community champions and students to pursue their field of expertise. The scholarships are awarded on a monthly basis under the following sub-categories:


If you are a Wyndham resident who is 25 or younger you may apply for up to $500 to compete or officiate at a national or international event.

You must provide:

  • Evidence of financial need (eg. Health Care Card holder)
  • Evidence of selection to the event
  • The list of costs to attend

The event must be endorsed by the recognised sporting association/organisation as listed by:

  • Sport and Recreation Victoria
  • Australian Sporting Commission
  • This is a one-off grant per individual


Secondary schools can apply for up to $500 on behalf of a student who resides in Wyndham to purchase compulsory text books, compulsory equipment, or to attend an excursion or camp.

The school must verify the financial need of the student and the relevance of the opportunity for the student. Students may receive up to one grant per calendar year.

An equitable spread of funding across schools in Wyndham will be an assessment consideration.


If you are a Wyndham resident who is a professional practicing artists you may apply for up to $500 (or $1,000 if appropriately auspiced) to attend a professional development opportunity. This is a one-off grant per individual. You must provide:

  • Artist’s CV
  • Evidence of the opportunity’s relevance to their practice

Community Leadership

If you are a Wyndham resident attending a leadership development opportunity relating to your work in the community you may apply for up to $500 (or $1,000 if appropriately auspiced). This is a one-off grant per individual. You must provide:

  • A demonstrated history of volunteering participation and civic engagement
  • Evidence of the opportunity’s relevance to your community work

Assessment Criteria and Weighting Percentage

This is applied where budget is insufficient to fund all eligible projects. Relevance of the opportunity to an established development pathway 60% Demonstrated financial need 40%.


You will make an initial enquiry with the Grants officer, and then discuss the project with a Wyndham City officer. These grants are continuously open and are assessed on a monthly basis. Applicants may not commence their project before they are advised that their application is successful.

You should allow up to eight weeks for the assessment process to take place. Each application is assessed against all submissions for that round, and applicants are advised of the result in writing.

The grant is paid within 30 days of you accepting and returning the letter of offer. Submission of a final report at the completion of the project is required.

Step 1: Download and read the Community Grants Guidelines.

Step 2: Prepare any documentation to support your application and if you need assistance contact Wyndham City’s Grants Team.

Step 3: Apply

If you get stuck completing your application, please contact Wyndham City’s Grants Team for assistance on 9742 0926 or email

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