Wyndham City has a cat curfew. The curfew requires cats to be confined to their owner’s premises between 10pm and 6am. Cats that are roaming the streets during the day (non-curfew hours) can still be trapped if a resident objects to the cat being on their property.

Cats can annoy neighbours by spraying and digging in gardens/sandpits. If your cat is trapped outside your property by a member of the public or a Wyndham City Officer we will attempt to return it to you provided your cat is currently microchipped or wearing a Wyndham City registration tag.

Cats taken to the pound

If your cat is taken to the Wyndham City pound, a release fee will be issued.

All cats are required to be registered and microchipped before being released from the pound. Fines can be issued if your cat is unregistered and wandering at large. A trespass notice may also be charged.

You can contact the Pound on 9742 0958.

Legislation relating to wandering cats

For more information on cat legislation please refer to the sections about trespassing and trapping cats of the Domestic Animal Act 1994.

For further information in relation to trespassing cats and trapping, download the Trespassing Cats brochure.

To lodge a complaint, you can complete an online request form or call 1300 023 411.

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